Jacob Killed MiB

Think about it. Jacob died AFTER MiB. Jacob was killed by Ben at the end of Season 5. Prior to that, MiB had to have been dead (assuming he was once a man) – hence his ability to shape-shift, steal bodies, etc. I’m betting the farm that both Jacob and MiB were both men, brothers even. If this is the case, MiB died or was killed. I postulate that he was killed – by Jacob.

Why would you want to kill your brother – “Do you know how much I want to kill you?” (MiB; in The Incident). Most likely because he killed you first (I know, go with me on it – it is Lost). I think Jacob killed MiB way back in the day hence the desire for revenge. Since his death he has been able to shape shift, steal bodies, turn into Smokie and all that. How? I don’t know. Point is, if you accept that Jacob killed MiB, then you are granted the insight into MiB’s motivation. Short theory, little evidence, but just enough logic to make it a more than credible assertion. Thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Jacob Killed MiB

  1. I really don’t think MIB/Jacob are brothers. I think they have the same kind of relationship that Real Locke and Jack had when they got to the Island. MIB is a prisoner and Jacob is the Warden, the Warden was killed in a prison riot and now they are interviewing new Wardens.

    Awesome name though.

  2. I can’t believe everyone knew somehow, that they were brothers. It blows my mind.

    They don’t look remotely similar, and yet, they’re brothers.

    It’s like me saying “I think Jack is Sawyer’s daughter’s friend’s stepdad’s neighbor.” and being right about it.

    Anyway, yep.

  3. good call! awesome screen name!

    cheif – think we all started thinking theyre brothers based on the bible story about jacob: twin brothers one good one evil, it all started with the jacob’s lather thing when flocke took sawyer to the cave. (omg must get life now! ok maybe after the finely)

  4. Well, you were right! I knew they had to be brothers all along. It just made sense because the show is so heavily influenced by the stories in the bible.

  5. Yeah, I think we all just took for granted the brotherhood between the two, i.e. references to Jacob and Esau; and Cain and Abel. But hey yeah, it was nice to be proved right less than 24 hours after posting. I’ve just watched ‘Across the Sea’ online and all I can say is… ‘Booyow!’

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