Mysteries Revealed So Far (Please Add To This..)

I’ve enjoyed this lists so far, so I thought I’d make one. Here are the mysteries revealed (as best as I can do from memory), please add to this:

1) What is the noise from the jungle? — Smoke Monster
2) Where did a polar bear come from? — DHARMA
3) Where did the Black Rock come from? — Jacob brought it
3) What’s in the hatch? — Desmond
4) Who is Ben? — Other
5) Who’s the guy in the DHARMA videos? — Pierre Chang DHARMA scientist
6) What is the DHARMA Initiative? — Do we really know yet??
7) Who are the Others? — Jacob followers
8) Who is Jacob? — We’ll find out tonight!
9) Who’s in the cabin? — Jacob or MIB??
10) Why are their dead people walking around? — MIB impersonating them
11) What are the whispers? — lost souls..still don’t like this one
12) Where did Richard come from? — Black Rock
13) Why doesn’t Richard age? — Jacob did it
14) What is the Island? — prison for evil/MIB
15) What is the statue? — still don’t know
16) Why was the statue busted? — Black Rock wreck
17) What are the numbers? — assigned to candidates

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2 thoughts on “Mysteries Revealed So Far (Please Add To This..)

  1. 19) Who built the “Frozen Wheel”? – Jacob’s brother
    20) Why are there polar bears on the island? – DHARMA brought them for experiments

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