MIB’s ‘Loophole’

So what are the odds that his actual ‘loophole’ has to do w/ wALT/Walt?  Think about when Locke was on the beach teaching Walt about backgammon and letting him in on a ‘secret.’  Locke tells Walt you have, ‘one light and one dark’ but why wouldn’t he just say you have one white and one black piece?

I  believe the writers are way too smart to make a character that can alter a birds path and one that appears to other characters dripping wet and gets them shot only to have them not be relevant?

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One thought on “MIB’s ‘Loophole’

  1. At first I’d agree with you, but as this season is almost over, I’m getting a sinking feeling thats exactly what they’re going to do, leave a whole lot unexplained. Including walt, aaron, etc.

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