What If Living Locke Comes to the Island?

What if somehow a living John Locke comes to the Island (either in Alt – although it’s underwater, or comes back to life or jumps from Alt to Island timeline)? Will this mess with Smokie since he can only take the form of a dead person?

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3 thoughts on “What If Living Locke Comes to the Island?

  1. I thought about this…

    The problem I came up with is how?
    The answer would be one of two things…

    1)The island flashes to the FSW, and actually floats over the other island as we saw the comic book in the test Richard Alpert did on Young John…enabling Locke to be able to return to the island…being the three year time difference…he might even have time to prepare…

    2)A sort of reverse frozen donkey wheel…but then you have to ask why nobody did this earlier to get to the island…such as Widmore, or Hawkings directions to the Losties in season 5…

    Its a good thought.
    It would be a hell of a way to create a “bad twin” type of scenario…

  2. A couple of things are really obviously going to matter in the conclusion of things:

    1) John Locke (FSW) having some sort of impact on the Island (2007-Island timeline)
    2) Desmond being special with electromagnetism
    3) The Source being an “electromagnetic hole/heart of the Island”
    4) Smokey being “stuck” in the form of Locke

    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = Desmond goes into the Source and gets Locke (FSW) to the Island?

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