Not too happy.

So, now we have an idea of how the two brothers (Jacob and MIB) came to the island. Here are some issues I have after watching this episode:

1. The woman seems to not want people on the island, how do they crash there? I thought it was that Jacob brings people to the island, but clearly he didn’t have the ability to do that before he was born. And since the woman(the guardian of the island at that time) has no reason to want them on the island, how did they get there?

2. Jacob takes on responsibility for the island from his mom, but now he seems to want the opposite of what she did. He wants to prove MIB and his mom wrong, that people ARE good. And MIB is just bitter at this point and despises humanity. And since Jacob turned him into a total freakazoid, he needs to protect the world from him now by keeping him there. It seems odd that Jacob’s goals differ so greatly from his mom, although he took the responsibility to protect the island, he seems to have a different idea of how to do that.

Finally, I’m just sort of disappointed in general, I don’t feel like we have had much of anything explained more than we knew LAST season finalie and here we are at the end. I have a bad feeling that so much is going to be unexplained, or only vaguely explained, like what the island is, what this bright light is, etc.

Only time will tell I guess. Lost is still the best show on tv, even if the ending will leave me wanting more.

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17 thoughts on “Not too happy.

  1. I’ll agree that Jacob has a completely different attitude than his “mom”. I was under the impression though, that “mom” brought Claudia to the island. It was as if she knew that one of the two boys were “candidates” to take over for her to protect the “light” (which is a fancy term for “meteor”).

    I know what you mean about still feeling completely lost in everything. That’s what I personally dig though. I was just glad this episode delivered some extremely interesting things like the days of old.

    This light is really making me think. Is it a source of evil?

  2. Him still not having a name is just dumb too.

    Yes, the fact that people find the island easily when his fake mom was in charge is just weird.

    The fact that the FDW chamber is not tapping into the source and not just a pocket of energy is kinda weird too.

    The fact that they dont explain when this takes place is weird too.

    They didnt really explain who built the FDW, and why Jacob didnt just keep preventing it from being built the way his fake mom did. Did Smokey still think he could build it, push it and it would work? Or did he have someone else build it as part of his scheme to find a loophole?

  3. So the light is the friggin’ AllSpark for humans or something? So the island houses it but that doesn’t tell me what the island is…and I thought this show was science fiction and not fantasy and I can’t believe they wasted time on another costume drama like Ab Aeterno. Geez. I needed to rant.

  4. I love Lost. I’ve loved every episode. I even forgive (not forget) the Nikki and Paulo one…
    But i am really disappointed with tonight’s episode. It just felt like they didn’t know how to explain things. We now know that Jacob and MIB are brothers. We know they were born in the island. Ok, so far, it’s good, i don’t have any trouble with it.
    We met MIB’s crazy “mother”.

    Now… we know who built the donkey wheel. How did they know how/why to make it, we don’t know. How did he know that was the exit? We don’t know. And as Chris63084, i think they’ll never explain it. Oh wait! It is because MIB is special… ok.

    So what else did we learn today? MIB was pushed into the light and he became the smoke monster. Wow, pretty awesome right?
    I mean, people have been expecting a Jacob-MIB episode for so long. I was expecting it to be a legendary episode, but it simply didn’t feel that way. I don’t know what was wrong.
    Maybe i’m wrong.
    Maybe i expected something more… brilliant.
    Ok, i’ll stop complaining. This is a Theories forum. But i just had to express myself…

  5. It just seems as though the writers really don’t know how they want this to go. Like Glaw said how did he know about the “exit wheel” O hes special, well so was Walt and Aaron and they dropped that pretty quickly.

  6. Maybe, Jacob is just a nut – maybe even livin’ w/Hurley & Liz in the nuthatch – and this is all in his head. I mean, we still don’t know MIB’s name – maybe he doesn’t have one. Jacob seems a little ‘slow’; perhaps he couldn’t actually come up with one. Maybe he’s one of Leonard’s multiple personalities.

    I’m with Glaw. I liked the story, but not it’s execution. It’s like they had the outline of the episode for years and just remembered to write it the night before. Would have been more ‘fun’ as a slow reveal over several episodes.

  7. Man, although that episode was OK, it was just that…OK.
    I really expected alot more and after all this time believing the writers knew where they were heading from the beginning, it now feels like they thought they’d just come up with any crazy cool ideas early one and just make up the explanations later.

    One thing i did like is they sort of vaguely explained the interest in children and the ‘specialness’, and alot of that mirrored Walt and Aarons stories.

    But ‘everything that happened, happened for a reason’ and the reason everything happened these past 6 seasons is because of a ‘light’? really?

    And The mysterious Jacobs backstory is explained by introducing a character who is even more mysterious and will not be explained or seen again(his fake mother).
    Adam and Eve being the mother and MIB? Again it seems they just threw in the cool Adam and Eve idea and didn’t have any idea who the skeletons were gonna be.

    Everythings cool, i just feel like i’ve been fooled as the writers have purposely set us up to think alot of the show would be explained with science, i mean, it wasn’t an accident that the smoke monster makes mechanical noises for one.

    I think its just to easy to explain everything with ‘oh its magic’, but i guess a magician never reveals his tricks.

    The writers are answering every question with ‘because it just is’. My only hope now is that at least the light gets explained a little further.

  8. everything in the show is a metaphor, still doesn’t explain what it is.
    Just seems a little unfair to introduce something thats so important at this late stage, thats so abstract, especially since its also the explanaition for smokeys origins.

  9. OK… this will surely take some time to sink in and assess what it means… but one thing for sure… What an episode (I thought it actually answered, or set the ground for answers, a lot of things)…

    There is one thing that I have grown to LOVE about the writing in this series… They do a great job at making us ASSUME we know something as a certainty, only to realize later, they never really wrate what they assumed they wrote… we just added in the missing pieces with what we thought was truth… case in point….

    Up until this episode, we have (or at least I have) assumed MIB/Adam (he has a name! yes!) was Smokie… but what if infact Smokie is MIB? A subtle, but very important difference… I will explain.

    One thing we “know” is that Smokie can take the form of dead people (Christian, Locke)… We also see at the end of the episode tonight a very dead MIB/Adam. So then one can make the conclusion that infact Smokie is taking the form of MIB/Adam, but is not really him (much as he is not Locke). Because after all… “Dead is Dead”. And what a different perspective that puts on things…

    So who else could Smokie be? If we assume he comes from the light, meteor, hell… the Devil? Not sure… still have to think on that more.

    One other interesting side note/question… The bottle of “wine”… Earlier in this season, we see Jacob sharing what would appear to be that same bottle that his “Mom” had Jacob drink from. Do you recall if MIB/Smokie drank a glass before breaking it? And if it is the same bottle, and its how you “transfer” the responsibility for caretaker of the light, how could Jacob pass that on to ANY candidate now?

    And I have seen people (not here though) saying that the “light” has never been referred to before… Um, they obviously never watched the episodes more than one time each lol… Go back… watch “White Rabbit” (season 1) and “The Cost of Living” (Season 3):

    “I’ve looked into the eye of this Island, and what I saw… was beautiful” — John Locke, The White Rabbit

    Locke: So, what exactly did you see back there? I saw it once, you know.
    Eko: And what did you see?
    Locke: I saw a very bright light. It was beautiful.
    Eko: That is not what I saw.
    -The Cost of Living

    Im starting to wonder if the “real” Locke ever was alive on the island. From the get go… When we see him looking at his toes and they wiggle… Perhaps that’s is smokie “admiring” his new body. Infiltrating them as one of their own.

    Hmmm… lots to think about…


  10. I have mixed feelings on the episode as well, but I definitely agree that knowing that the Smoke Monster is NOT jacob’s brother is key. Jacob’s brother is dead, Smokie may be mad that Jacob created him and when he took the body of his brother (maybe to fool him early on) he downloaded his thoughts and feelings (like wanting to go home) – this helps the disguise. This is why Flocke has a lot of real Locke’s traits and feelings, but it is not Locke. We also know that Jacob and the Candidate have 2 jobs on the Island now. Keep smokie from leaving and protect the light which seems to control all life and all worlds. Maybe smokie doesn’t want to leave the Island but he wants to return to the light and extinguish it which will destroy everything. The stakes are very high for a candidate to survive this time (since Jacob is gone now) and be around to save the world.

  11. Something tells me that LOST end will be literally terrible. This last episode kinda put in check most of the hopes I had for the show. It looked cheap in every sense writing wise.

    After watching it I more inclined to think that the writers are better at making people LOST than actually writing a story that makes sense with real connections and property. This last episode felt like a kind of a gimmick to explain nothing about the very core of the show.

    I think that what Sawyer means when he speaks about the “long con” is to watch this series. After 6 years I feel conned, deceived by watching a episode like this on the verge of the end of the show.

    Anyway… too bleeping late to complain now

  12. I enjoyed seeing the backstory of Jacob and MIB – but I feel kinda’ like we got the “Cliff Notes” version – we got the big chunks, but there were a lot of details missing that I would have liked to have seen.

    Quazarr: MIB did NOT drink from the wine bottle. As a matter of fact, we have never seen Smokie (either as MIB or Locke) eat or drink anything. Jacob offered Post Mortem MIB both food and drink, and he always politely declined. Same with Post Mortem Locke – these guys are always drinking water but not Locke anymore.

    Also, I agree with Smokie pretending to be MIB. After watching this episode, I don’t think Jacob would refer to his brother as the source of all evil, something that needs to be contained on the island. I think the evil emerged as smoke and has taken on familiar forms to further its cause, whatever that may be – still holding out hope that it isn’t ET trying to phone home.

  13. Really? Well, I guess that makes me the ass! I thought I was on top of that one – I’d been watching for it for a while.

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