Protecting nothing?

Hopefully this will be the last question I’ll ever post!

Ok, so we know that Jacobs ‘mother’ passed the job of protecting the light on to Jacob.

However, after less than, what i can assume, 10 minutes, Jacob manages to make the light go out.. And out comes Smokie.

So what is Jacob meant to be protecting.. And what will his chosen candidate have to protect? I was under the impression it was the glowing light but clearly that was put out a long time ago..?

If it’s to keep Adam (yes im calling MIB that now) on the island then why? How will everything cease to exist if he gets off? Because to me, it just seemed as though he wanted to leave to see what else is out there..

So to sum up, HOW is Jacob protecting the island?

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7 thoughts on “Protecting nothing?

  1. I think MAYBE (just assumption) that when Adam came in contact with the light, that it sort of released some of it’s energy into Adam, making him smokie. I’m thinking that when the button was being pushed, it was releasing the built up energy to prevent an overload.

    In other words, I think the light gets bright, then goes out, every 108 minutes when Daharma was around.

  2. i think that whatever the light was like pure energy and like cheif said some of that is in smokie now. and he thinks all people are evil and corrupt and would kill everyone. maybe not what smokie wants to kill everyone but if the energy is released like the theme in seaso two everyone on earth would die. so in the mean time jacob made up a game with rules just like mib did when they were younger. i just think this light is pure enrgy that can not be contained. mib built the donkey wheel not knowing whta he was doing thinking he can control it which he would never be able to. i think the whole adam and eve thing symbolizes that this light is like the origin of man. like their mother said it is life and death and rebirth and so on. almost like a pandoras box of sorts. what u guys think???

  3. I have to watch it over. This is twice now that someone suggested that the light went out? I didnt see that, but I could have missed it. But if the light was out, why would we see it shining behind the FDW in the scenes down the well?

  4. Cheif – thats actually a pretty good explanation for it.. But what was happening until that button was created? Do you think it was just building up until the point of the incident?

    Ar – It’s reasonable to assume that.. Its better than anything i can come up with!

    Greatforsaken – Im not 100% sure it went out.. I think it did but its more of an assumption because i noticed it wasnt glowing after smokey exited.. But maybe its just dimmer, i wasnt really paying close attention.
    About the light behind the FDW, i asked the same question on one of AES posts.. This is what has me so confused.. I’m either completely wrong or Iv just made too many assumptions.

    Locked – You could be right on the mark there 😉

  5. Sorry 45…I either missed your post or said something ridiculous…

    I dont think the light went out…I think the light goes out when someone tries to take it…possibly causing the island to ultimately sink.

    The light in the wheel chamber is most likely an electromagnetic property of the island.
    The water is more than likely a form of spiritual energy, maybe even caused partially from the Em property, and what seems possibly like the island combining the souls of people through the water with the EM properties…

    I dont really know…but I cant help but feel that it will be some combination of science and religion (all depending on if the “spirits” are recognized as souls on consciousness).

    Really, if you think back to Alvarez, the construction worker who ‘daydreamed'(flashed?) about a lost love, then was killed by the EM properties ripping his filling through his skull.

    Then he was taken to the Orchid…why?

    Maybe they knew about the infection…
    Or maybe because he was a test subject possibly from that point.

    There is a scene from season four where Kate is walking into the courtroom, and a man outside is screaming something like “We hate you”…backwards…
    This man looks very similar to Alvarez to me…
    and yes, I understand why people said I was nuts when I posted it…

    But if you think about what happens to these people now, and what happened to MIB.

    Everyone asks where home is…and this light seems to be a key (think flashes before your eyes)…does he KNOW where/what home is from flashing at some point…meaning its not just off the island?

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