Im going to kill you…

Written 13th May

When we saw MIB and Jacob sitting on the beach talking and MIB tells Jacob how much he wants to kill him, when does this take place? Is it before “Mother” gets killed? It has to be, No?

If im not mistaken we see, the huge egyptian statue (jacob’s home) in that. So it would have to have been after?

And if memory serves me right, didnt Jacob give him the bottle of wine in that episode and he drank from it. The same bottle which “Mother” poured and gave to Jacob?

So doesnt that mean, that MIB, Jacob and Mother are all the same?

One last thought, was the temple built on the site where “The Light” was?

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One thought on “Im going to kill you…

  1. I think not as the statue was “always” there. The fact that the ship is brought in the 1800s suggests it is mor elikely the black smoke takes control of MIB’s dead body.

    MIB was a man just like john Locke. Both have been taken over by smokie.

    So I think this tete a tete (meeting) takes place after MIB is thrown in the cave.

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