MIB’s name, Good x Evil, Time Travel and Valenzetti

Written 13th May

2 months ago I wrote a post about how religious themes affect Lost, and detailing some of the religious stories that should be considered when discussing the series – the most important one being of the brothers Jacob and Esau, how they became enemies, and so on. Link: Right and Wrong, Good and Evil – those are not such simple matters.

At the time many people criticized me on my “aversion” to the common Good x Evil ideas. I wrote: “I have been a big fan of Lost for a while, and tell you what: of all things that could happen to make me very disappointed with Lost, the worst one would be to end up with such infantile, simple definitions of right and wrong, evil and good” thinking about this black and white, good and evil definitions of Jacob and MIB that I disagree.

It seems that I was not very far from right. We know now that MIB is not this devilish person so many here try to prove he was, and that in many ways Jacob is much more evil than him (he is the one that beats his brother two times; there’s a good chance that he ordered the Dharma killing; and so on). Jacob’s brother was simply trying to leave the place, and tried doing it in the right way many times before he got sick of everything and started being much more harsh. However, let’s not forget that their “mother” killed Claudia in cold blood, and that she became Jacob’s idol. So maybe in the Island the common ideas of rightness are different.

That said, there are some things that I believe should be discussed as a preparation to the series finale.

1. MIB’s name: it’s now clear that the authors have been protecting MIB’s name for a long, long time. Ever since he turned into Jack’s father, up until Claire called him “my friend”, and now being only called “brother”. This must indicate that MIB’s real name will be a shock to all of us. It could be that his name references a common story (such as being “Esau”, in the bible, or “Judas” or any other name that could indicate other connections); and it could be that his name is a familiar name to us already! The second option seems the most intriguing. It’s likely that MIB turns out to be someone we already know. John (as in Locke); Aaron; Shepard; and Walt are some of the interesting options.

2. I believe that Jacob’s brother is not dead and he is actually MIB/Flocke. I personally don’t like the idea of someone else turning into him. I think he is alive. Either his body was “cloned”, and only one died, or he wakes up after being left there with mother. That suggests that the second body Jack finds is someone else’s, and that Jacob x his brother story is the important tale being told here, from beginning to end.

3. Together with religion, time traveling (TT) has been one of the important subjects referenced by the series. The authors will probably suggest a religious explanation, a time traveling explanation, or, even better, an ambiguous explanation were either one could be defended. But considering TT, I like to think that the “source” is some kind of time traveling device. The black smoke is not a monster, but some advanced nano technology in which MIB was turned upon. The electromagnetism is important because it is somehow used in TT (such as in the creation of worm holes). Time & space traveling explains many misteries on the island, such as the polar bear, the island being hard to find and constantly moving around, the “magic room” that Locke used to find his “father”, and many other things.

It also explains the smoke monster. This could actually mean that when MIB time traveled, he saw that in the future he still couldn’t leave the island, even though he tried it in many ways (including transforming himself in a nano technology being). So he comes back to try to change the past all over again, in a “infernal” cycle that is actually worst than dieing – a truth that can’t be changed. A game that has been played for an eternity by many players (including their mother), and that is quite hard to quit.

4. Valenzetti Equation. Somehow I still believe that the Dharma studies in prolonging human existence are still important to the series. I think that the Island is some kind of invention human’s created to prolong mankind existence, a trick (“loophole” if I may) to the Valenzetti Equation. Like a place where they simulate life and similar things and that somehow guarantees that, as long as the place (Island) exists, mankind exists somewhere else. And that in order for this Island to serve it’s purpose, confrontation between common mankind issues must be constantly repeated in there, like games. And maybe the Island was created by the Dharma Iniciative and then after TT started, became what it is now, in the “past”.

5. This could lead to an interesting subject about paradoxes. Other movies have explored the idea of a paradox being created by time traveling, and how consequences could be devastating. Maybe the very idea the island was created was to create a paradox that guarantees human existence at a very high cost. And that this paradox must follow a lot of rules in order to avoid some critical change to the time line that could end everything. Maybe they are “just saving the world” indeed, brothar!

I have many more lines to write on those subjects, but in general just wanted to point out some of the things I’ll be paying attention to in the next 15 days.

Bodao (“Big Goat”)

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3 thoughts on “MIB’s name, Good x Evil, Time Travel and Valenzetti

  1. 1. It is possible we won’t ever get a name for him. They have said they won’t answer everything, and not giving his identity away would be a great for keeping some mystery. But keeping it hush hush for so long does hint that if we do find out who he is, it will for sure be a shock.

    3. I don’t think there is a magic room. I think Ben sent some of his people, they crashed into Cooper’s car, took him from it and brought him to the Island. I don’t think he just magically appeared in some room.

  2. Very nice comments DrMrWizard,

    No that I think of it my firt feeling about the magic room is the same you did, it was something “staged” – I take back the example. Even if it does exist and work, it’s not a good example. But I believe you do agree that there are plenty of other misteries similar to this one in the Island.

    As for not getting to know his name, I agree, it would be a good way to leave a mistery to the end. But based on the fact that they are clearly trying to hide his identity, sometimes in a forced way, I would stick with the idea that they will reveal his name and that it will be quite a shock to us all.


  3. Darlton said the only thing they owe the fans in the last three hours is the fate of the characters and answering about what the flashsideways is and how it relates. So the rest we’re not gonna get.

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