My many (mini) Theories—Enjoy!

Written 12th May

Ok first of all, I’d like to say that I was not a fan of “Across the Sea.” It didn’t live up to my expectations, and I fear now that the entire show may not either. Having said that, there are a few things I’d like to discuss. Here are just a bunch of my “mini theories” that are circulating in my brain right now.

1. The Smoke monster is the MIB, The MIB is not the Smoke Monster
– Jacob’s brother is dead, done, end of story. (We may never get a name for him at this point)
– The Smoke monster is taking the form of the MIB’s body just like it did Christian and Locke
2. The crazy mother was the smoke monster
– She didn’t want MIB to leave the Island so how convienant that she wiped out an entire village all by herself?
– MIB killed her with the dagger, before she was able to speak to him.
3. The Smoke monster has been around longer than Jacob and his brother
– We didn’t see the temple or statue built, but we have seen Eqyptian heiroglyphics of the smoke monster, meaning it existed before it flew out of the cave of light.
– I have always thought of the Island as a sort of “prison” for the Smoke Monster (Chain Sounds) so maybe by MIBs body going down the waterfall in the cave, he somehow “Unlocked the Smoke Monster’s Cell”
4. Locke has been to the cave of light before
– Remember when Locke said he had first seen the smoke monster? He said something along the lines of ” I looked into the heart of it, and what I see was beautiful.” He described seeing a bright light.
5. Desmond will go into the cave of light
– Desmond is the only person alive known to be able to survive a “Super Electromagnetic Event”, so I believe he is the only person capable of entering the cave without dying.
6. Aaron will play a significant role
– As far as we know,we have seen 3 people have been born on the Island: Jacob, MIB, And Aaron.
– Both Jacob and MIB were special, which makes me think Aaron may be as well
Now here are some questions that I still have.

1. What was special about the wine Jacob drank?
2. What did the mother do to make it so “you two will never be able to hurt each other.”
3. Who built the statue?
4. How was the entire village destroyed?
5. How were people who lived 2000 years ago smart enough to build the time travelling donkey wheel?
6. Why in S1E6 did Jack say that Adam and Eve had been there around 50 years?
7. Who is ultimately good and who is evil?

One final thing I’d like to do is predict how the show will end. Based on all my “mini theories” and my questions, this is what I believe is going to happen in Lost.

Everybody in the show will die except for Jack, Desmond, and Flocke (The Smoke Monster). Jack will drink the wine, and become the new protector of the island preventing the MIB from returning home. Desmond will go into the cave of light, do something inside the island, that will make it so the Smoke Monster is sucked back into the cave.

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4 thoughts on “My many (mini) Theories—Enjoy!

  1. “I have always thought of the Island as a sort of “prison” for the Smoke Monster (Chain Sounds) so maybe by MIBs body going down the waterfall in the cave, he somehow “Unlocked the Smoke Monster’s Cell” ”

    I agree 100% with this particular point!

    This also seems to fit in with the idea that smokie is actually fate/destiony wanting to course correct humans actions which involve change how things happened in “real time” in order save humanity?

    The island traps smokie etc? links in to valenzetti equation, doomsday etc.

  2. Ethan was born on the Island too and he wasn’t all that special.

    Some things I want to know, but won’t be answered, and they don’t really matter – how did Mother fill that entire hole with rocks all by herself? It would have taken ages.
    And – who put the wheel into the wall? When we saw it it was just leaning against the wall. Someone at some point must have finished it and used it before ben did in 2004.

  3. maybe the mother put in the donkey wheel and her crazy weird island protector title prevented her from vanishing to the desert when she used it to somehow kill the villagers and she got out in time before it imploded or whatever.

    Idno I’m just typing nonsense now.

    One thing I do think is a great theory is that MIB’s soul set smokey free.

    also somebody appearently edited the smokey escape footage with waterslide footage, which is awesome… so just keep an eye out for that.

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