Theory on theories

It has arrived; the last week of Lost. And this is my theory – all these theories have been fun to read but we are way off. JJ Abrams and the writers are smarter than we think. The answer to Lost is right there, under our nose, in front of eyes, week after week. I highly doubt the answer is as complicated as these theories (including mine). And I’ll be deeply disappointed and feel cheated if the answer has any religious meaning.

I woudn’t be disappointed at all if we get no answer, yet. Imagine the screen goes black with the Lost name and the usual erie sound and then: A montage of epic new scenes followed by – February 2011, the final answer will be revealed – at a theater near you. Then we see a glimpse of a giant monster roaring and then the screen goes black…. Bad Robot….

Can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “Theory on theories

  1. I think all that will get answered in the next 3 and a half hours is: The fate of all our main characters. and What is the flashsideways and how does it relate to the island action. So any guesses on these two.

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