Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

OK, OK, those guys are great at making us believe stuff. Just when I was completely, totally sure that MIB was bad they give us an episode like Across the Sea. Just like Ben Linus was a lost case after killing Locke and then Jacob, even if before that I thought he could simply stop being evil he redeems himself in Dr. Linus. Now, we see that MIB isn’t evil incarnated. He is a victim and a sinner at the same time. Just like Jacob.

Jacob, who we thought was all good is a man of faith, but his beliefs maybe wrong as their mother was really somewhat crazy and had no problem killing people merciless to achieve her goals. In this MIB is similar to her: he doesn’t mind killing anyone to be free. And also in the fact that he thinks it’s in human nature to sin. Jacob is good, but naive, but at the same time he thought everything mother taught him was true and good and killed his brother in a moment of anger. He surely isn’t all pure and wise as we thought before.

So, in the end, who’s right? Or it’s the point of the show to decide ourselves? Maybe it’s not about good and evil, about black and white, but about grey, about how people can do good and do evil. It’s about the scale and to which side every human makes decision to move to. It’s really about ambiguity and variables, not about an absolute true.

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