Blue Eyed Boys

Any ideas why the dark eyed, Mediterranian looking (and Latin speaking) mother pushed out two blue-eyed boys?

Anyone have blue eye / eye color theories?

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4 thoughts on “Blue Eyed Boys

  1. Among Europeans it is common to be born with blue eyes and then change color. I don’t know if this is true also in Spain. The original intention of the writers was probably that the actor who plays Claudia should have looked a little more European. She looked Latin American, didn’t she?

  2. It wasn’t just the babies – it was the boys – even up to 12. Before checking, I even checked out BIB’s IMBD page and sure enough, he has blue eyes. (Couldn’t get a good shot of MIB’s eyes.)
    It’s kinda’ interesting ‘cuz while little Jacob looked a lot like his adult counterpart, BIB wasn’t such a dead ringer for MIB … coupled w/some posts here referencing eye color (like David’s).

    I thought she looked ‘Latin’, regardless of European or American. Either way, dark eyes are dominant and with her not having blue eyes … well, while it’s not unlikely the probablity is 1/2 if the father had blue eyes and 1/4 (at best) if he had dark … which is likely if her people are dark like her.

  3. i dont think much of the eye color at all. when i was born i had blonde hair and blue eyes. at about nine years of age they changed. no one could figure it out. now i have dark brown eyes and hair. yeah it is freaky but it is actually verry common.

  4. Actually adult MIB also has (more or less) blue eyes. Having an adult son with blue eyes was probably not very common among the Romans. But we are not discussing statistics among the Roman population, we are discussing these particular brothers. If one of Claudia’s parents had blue eyes and the man she mated with also had blue eyes, there is something like 50% probability that their child has blue eyes as well. But in the end I guess we know that this is unintentional.

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