Locke Died in Very First Crash Which is Why….

John had to be dead b/c he never survived the original crash. 

I’m not sure about why he had to wear Christian Shepard’s shoes though?

Why else would Ben make sure that John Locke was dead?  After all if John would of tried to kill himself it wouldn’t of worked just like Michael.


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10 thoughts on “Locke Died in Very First Crash Which is Why….

  1. this has been stated a few times in the past weeks, although it would have been a cool idea if the writers were doing this all along there is juts to much evidence against it. Someone recently stated if he was dead the whole time, then why would he leave the island and try to get everyone back. if was the smoke monster form the beginning he would ave stayed off the island because that is his ultimate goal. even just going back through the first few seasons, this man loved the island and its properties truly believing in it, smokey hates it and everything about it.

  2. Well why did MIB pose as Christian and tell John he had to go back and would have to make a sacrifice?

    I believe it’s being overlooked the fact that John was tricked into leaving the island in the first place when at the time he had FULL faith in the island.

    What about when Locke’s leg was stuck in the door and he saw the map of the stations down in the hatch? NOBODY ever brings that up. Why?

  3. Do you remember when Locke & Ben where stuck in the hatch and the door crushed his leg, the power went out, & all the sudden neon painting was all over the room w/ a map of some sort on the door?

    Do you remember when Christian before John turned the wheel told Locke he’d have to make a sacrifice? Then told him to say hi to his boy.

    And why do you believe that Locke had to be dead to return to the island? Seems to me Christian (MIB at the time) told him he had to and then DEAD Locke comes back w/ Christian’s shoes on?

    All of this w/ out a doubt is more meaningful then people give it credit.

    Anyway, have a good day! 🙂

  4. Because MIB needs everyone on the island for some reason. I’m guessing to gaurantee his escape. I believe they all have to die for him to leave. So on or off the island, a living candidate keeps him trapped. And as far as the map door. Not sure i follow you.

  5. Your first question asks if we remember the Blast Door Map. Yes we do. Radzinsky drew it, it has all the Dharma stations listed and island landmarks. However you didnt ask what it represents. Just if we remember it.

    Your second question asks if we remember Christian telling Locke to say hi to his son. Again, Yes we do. Not much of a question.

    Third, Locke needed to be dead that way Smokey could take Lockes form. He can’t replicate living people. And cant kill candidates himself. Only candidates can kill each other.

    Hopefully that should clear up some questions.

  6. I don’t think he died on the crash. Specially since Lock’s character is what drove the God x Evil theme of the show for so long. But then I’m starting to think that the writers didn’t knew how to tie all the knots since the beginning and for what it matters, still don’t.

    They are taking advantage of loose ends to keep the viral aspect of the show alive and I bet that it will end without answering most the questions that should be really relevant to the show.

  7. So that map on the door…I’ve always wondered if that was more than just some old map put up?

    I mean it sure seemed to me like he was as surprised as the first time MIB saw the ‘light’ the first time.

    and I just believe there is more to Locke having to be dead for all of them to get back.

    Does anyone else believe there’s more than meets the eye behind the reasoning?

  8. My money is on Locke being revived somehow in either tonight’s episode or Sunday. I really think he is the most important character in the show and will be the protector of the island

  9. he HAS to be important and as far as I can recall the only person to ever lie in the shadow of the statue.

    Tonight, Jack fixes Locke off island and Flocke wakes up in HIS OWN body that MIB has been borrowing.

    I still don’t understand why if that’s MIB’s skeleton in the cave he can’t just take the form of his old body b/c nobody ever buried them?

    Is this cave ‘really’ where the ‘light’ is and not the Temple?

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