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‘The end’ is near. 2 episodes remain. We’ve read more theories we care to admit about this provocative series. It is fairly certain; ‘the answers’ will not be fully satisfactory in many cases.
Detail is impossible to account for; even the most avid fan will miss them. Don’t expect the writers to be able to reconcile events as evidenced in the episode “Across the Sea”. In the last scenes where Jack and Kate find Adam and Eve’, apparently Jack said originally (in Season 1) the corpses looked to be 40 years old. I don’t feel like verifying this but tend to believe the fans in the blogs, who have the DVD sets or recorded media.
However, there is a way but it will take time. Possibly the show’s company would like the series to spin off into other series and/or movies. Not an original thought but it is a means to ‘the end’.
If the show’s creators, writers, producers and so on can do a better than the X-Files crew did; all the power to them.
The real mystery is; should be trust them with our money? Why not, seriously what else do you have to do?
Here’s to a great series. I was personally gratified. With my obsession/addiction, I learned things. Whether it be a Hollywoodized ancient history lesson or what’s to be said about the dichotomies of black and white, good and evil and so on; most things to not come in neat packages. The reality is the world is grey, ambiguous and left to interpretation.
Entertainment is one of the colorizers. And this is exactly what Lost was.
Thank you Lost.

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  1. As has been mentioned many times, we get the hint to the answers already in the pilot – in fact we get the hint already when the Lost sign is shown the first time: both the answers and the audience will be lost from the beginning to The End.

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