Mom’s split of the protector role must be continued

Just a random theory that won’t die in my head: When Eve/Mom “protected” Jacob & MIB by making it so they can’t harm one another, she also made both of them the protectors of the island, protectors of the Well of Light. It’s a dual role, requiring the two of them – one is the free will protector and the other does not trust free will and wants a completely deterministic world without free acting humans mucking things up. This was a question that troubled Mom to no end, driving her “crazy”. So, she made two protectors, each able to focus their energies to different viewpoints of existence: free will and deterministic. Yeah, so far this theory is a big “so what”… but my theory leads to a possible end of the show where both Jack and Sawyer are left on the island, completely returning to the previous roles of Jabob and MIB: Jack is happy staying on the island, and Sawyer will do ANYTHING to get off. …AND just for fun, the final moments of the show have Kate falling into the well and becoming… the Mom from “Across the Sea”.

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4 thoughts on “Mom’s split of the protector role must be continued

  1. Personally, i don’t think that any one or two of our Losties will become the protector of the Island for that task to begin all over again. For a start, that wouldn’t really be a definitive ending because it would just be saying that the story would go on forever and ever.

    No, when Jacob and turns to MIB and says “it only ends once, anything before that is progress” – this one line is so incredibly important within the story. The story will come to an end most likely with the Island ending up underwater. that would be the only way for the darkness to be contained if you ask me.

  2. If we actually get the “only ends once” ending, I will be really surprised. It seems to me like “Lost” is too valuable to let die, and will become a film franchise. I’ve read that the writers and producers has said they won’t do that, but I find it hard to believe that human beings will freely walk away from a huge piles of money and the creative fame associated with being a creator of “Lost”.

  3. They have sworn up and down that there wont be a movie, because it would cheapen the series. Which means to me that the ending is the ending, and a movie afterwards would have to be a brand new story line.

  4. After reading a few interview articles with the producers & writers, I can see why they say they will end it. It makes a lot of sense, story-wise and market-wise to say such statements in an effort to sustain the fan base. Having a defined ending gives the viewers a ‘scheduling point’ to work with in their lives. But, let’s be frank, “Lost” is entertainment, and a very successful revenue generating product – how can, if no one else, the shareholders in ABC, let this lucrative revenue stream be abandoned? I would love to see more story lines developed, other stories perhaps. I would also be okay if it actually did end. But what gets me thinking is the questions around the market forces that will try to keep it alive, and squeezing out more revenue. A show like ‘Lost’ must have developed a ‘food chain’ over six seasons, and some of those groups would love the gravy train to keep rolling…

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