Ben the henchman

No. We have an episode where the smarmy, lying Ben is back, but he is using his guile for the good guys against MIB. He comes back and tries to neutralize Widmore before he can tell MIB what it needs to know to destroy Jack and the others. His justification that Widmore “doesn’t get to keep his daughter” would fit with the old Ben Linus. In fact I think he is just throwing powder into MIB’s eyes i order to survive long enough to hurt him more. The temptation of being left king of the island once MIB leaves would have appealed to the old Ben. In fact MIB thinks it is pushing all the right buttons, but Ben is a new man. He is over his Napoleon complex.

I am rooting for Ben to tag along and try to intervene on behalf of Jack and the others at a crucial moment.

In the FSW His continued rapproachment to Alex and Danielle, his protective stance towards Mr Locke all indicate a continued move towards the good guys. Maybe in the end his statement in season 3 “We’re the good guys” will prove to be true.

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16 thoughts on “Ben the henchman

  1. I like this theory. Ben has had multiple opportunities to return to Locke and do his bidding but he’s chosen not to. He crafted that whole situation with Widmore very well and while we won’t know his true motivation until Sunday I’d like to believe he is done having his strings pulled by Locke and is working on his own con job.

  2. Absolutely, I’m certain Ben is playing Nemesis.
    As you say, in the FSW he truly seems redeemed, and one of the most kindHearted people ever. I was afraid that Alex or Danielle would get some unpleasant Flash of Ben during dinner
    (But I’m glad it went well – It was a really moving scene if you ask me)

    And while we know that Ben actually sacrificed – Widmore fell like a house of cards basically right away.
    Ben’s action of killing him was his way of preventing Nemesis to get the info

    It’s important to note Ben’s willingness to simply face his death upon learning Nemesis was on his way
    When Richard was killed(I presume)
    and Ben turned around I first thought
    he was gonna go back inside,
    but he sat down waiting to die.
    and I believe he just took an opening given by Nemesis to go undercover.

    So when he shoot Widmore he was
    prepared to die for it – yet smart enough to say a line that could preserve
    his cover(Ruthless and selfish – which is the character he’s presenting to Nemesis)

    He’s also asking lots of questions,
    the more he knows the easier it gets for him to make a plan. I think in the end
    Benjamin will be the one who Kills/Destroys
    Nemesis(I don’t think that has to be Jack/the protector who does it)

  3. Graet poinr AngieL, remember Ben has stated in the past I always have a plan. I believe Ben is conning Flocke big time and will foil him. He may die in the end but he has redeemed himself and his job on the island is complete.

  4. Agreed!

    That whole act was far too convenient to be LOST like. Ben is doing what he does best, taking control by giving control. In another words deceiving MIB.

    The question that remains to be answered is if MIB is actually buying it or just playing along. Sawyers con skills weren’t on par with MIB’s ones, perhaps Ben can handle the work.

    After that past crappy episode (Across The Sea) this episode was a tiny bit better.

  5. Yes I am completely on board with this (well, look at my Gravatar! lol), I really like the idea that Ben actually shot Widmore at that point NOT because he wanted Widmore to die, but because he was genuinely trying to stop Locke from hearing the important part of what Widmore was whispering. Unfortunately Locke says he heard it (*sigh*, for all we know he could be lying) but at least Ben tried. Go Ben. 🙂

  6. At first I thought Ben was just acting in self-preservation because he knew that not siding with Nemesis he would certainly die. I don’t believe he actually wants to kill Jack and the others and I don’t believe he actually wants the “Island to himself” anymore. He probably doesn’t even believe that Nemesis would/could do that for him. Ben is biding his time.

  7. I agree with the idea that Ben is deceiving MiB. While he has his personal flaws, I think he truly believes that “everything [he’s] done has been for the island.”

    He killed Widmore to keep the information out of the hands of MiB. But he also has one Ace up his sleeve … Miles!

    Remember that he gave a walkie to Miles. He’ll radio Miles to return and read Widmore’s last thoughts and Ben will use this info against MiB somehow.

  8. rynomc – I totally forgot about Miles and the Walki-Talkie but that was brilliant – I’m also thinking Ben might have had the Send button pressed or something to have let Miles hear what happened or something(and prevent Miles from sending back maybe..)
    Good catch

  9. rynomc, good spot about Miles and the Walkie Talkies.

    Personally, i’m not confident of Ben playing a Sawyer-like con. Ben is too easily manipulated (season 5 finale anybody).

    i would love Ben to be playing MIB for the fool but i think that it is one twist we won’t see. all the pieces are set for the finale and i dont expect any changing of sides now.

    It will all be down to Desmond in the end if you ask me…..

  10. rynomc…genius…

    Andre…good theory here…

    One think that is not noted is the fact that when MIB tells Ben he wants him to kill people…Ben asks why, and is told that he can have the island…

    Then at the end, MIB explains that if Desmond is still alive, then he cant destroy the island…

    Ben knows he isnt getting the island…and I REALLY think he is pulling a fast one on MIB…

    Miles told Ben that at Jacobs last moments…he had hoped he was wrong about him…I think his hope will shine through…like a bright light…

  11. Walkie-talkie – brilliant catch. Miles goes back to Widmore’s body, gets his knowledge about Desmond’s ‘fail-safe’ ability.

    I hope Miles also comes across Richard, so we get a proper ‘good-bye’….

    My main worry for Ben is – MIB promises him the island. As AES points out, MIB can now destory the island with Desmond. From MIB’s standpoint, what’s in it for Ben? Why not just kill him?

    Even if MIB needs him, which seems evident, how can Ben continue the con and conivince MIB that he’ll still ‘serve’ him, even though the island is not an option now?

    Unless MIB promises Ben… Alex.

  12. I was also somewhat surprised that MIB revealed to Ben that he wants to try to destroy the Island. But I guess there was no one else they could let MIB make the revelation to.

    Anyway, I guess that MIB has already promised Ben Alex, and that should be sufficient for Ben I guess.

    When MIB said the first time that he needed someone to stay and run the Island, I guess he might not have completely honest.

    I guess the real reason that MIB needs Ben around is that he cannot kill the Candidates himself.

  13. Yes great catch on the walkie-talkie!

    I think another thing we have to note about “Ben’s change for good, for good” is it is apparent who he trusts, and he trusts the people that we the audience trust. Before Widmore showed up, he freely tells Richard & Miles about his secret room, the C4, freely explains to Miles about where/how smokey summoned him etc. Widmore shows up and Ben gives Richard the “omgoood” look when Richard blabs about why they’re getting the C4 (lol). Ben is in the correct camp, he knew Widmore/Zoe’s deaths were (probably going to be) inevitable, his coldness is an act to buy himself time as mentioned above.

    Ok I know we’re all happy that Ben is conning MIB, I just love Ben so much that I feel like I need to defend his actions! 😛

    CPB – NO! You do make a good point.. Alex would be the way to his heart. I believe Sayid was already infected when he made his choice though.. I wonder if infection is a prerequisite to succumb to a MIB-promise? Or does it work vice-versa..?

    AES – you didn’t miss anything, MIB didn’t make a promise to Ben re. Alex. Well, not that I saw, and I’m on my 3rd re-watch (how sad am I..)

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