Was I the only one thinkig “cue rain”?

When Jacob was about to explain everything to the remaining candidates and says that he will disapear when the fire goes out I thought “Well get on with it man, before it rains (again)”.

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4 thoughts on “Was I the only one thinkig “cue rain”?

  1. I’m wondering if I was the only one laughing his ass off when we saw Locke crossing the street in his wheelchair again with Desmond behind the wheel. It’s just funny watching Desmond’s twisted love for nailing handicapped people. (Terrible of course, but funny because it’s just a show).

  2. lol! No, I wasn’t thinking rain, but I was thinking, “Can you set fire to ash?” Really? I thought once something was ash, it was ash!

    Oh, well… just going along with the flow!

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