A Little Navel Contemplation

So we’re almost at the end of our long journey and I thought I would throw out one last off beat ide. This one concerns the light on the Island. It is very evident that the writers have drawn on many mythologies to craft Lost and I now present another, rather prevelant one that they may have drawn on. The Light on the Island may be the Umbilicus Mundi, sometimes known as an omphallos, or in other words the Navel of the World.

The Navel of the World idea exists in virtually every culture that has appeared on this planet. Many regard its current location to be in the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But there have many navels throughout history and many locations. I’ve been reading a book entitled “Opening the Ark of the Covenant” by Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin and most of what follows taken from this book. The basic story that most cultures have in one variation or another is that their ancestors originally came from a far away land across the sea. This land had as its most valuable object a brightly glowing stone, which usually has a variation on the name “Navel of the World” that would bestow good fortune and life upon the land. At some point however the inhabitants anger one of their gods and the ruler of the land sends out explorers to find a new home. The ruler does this because he has been warned by another god of the impending destruction. Once a new home is found the ruler relocates as many people as he can and makes sure that they take the Navel with them and ensure its safety.

Many of the Pacific cultures have a variation on this basic story and the Legend of Mu was one such story. Hawaii was also one of the cultures that had such a story concerning the “Navel of Light” and the god Kane, who was the god of illumination, health, and life. Kane and the goddess Pele escaped the destruction of their original home and came to the islands of Hawaii, bringing with them the Navel of Light. The Navel was a stone that gave off a luminescence that had great spiritual power. Pele excavated two underground areas for worship of the Navel of Light.

There are many stories about the Navel of the World and a more modern one was written by Umberto Eco entitled “Foulcault’s Pendulum.” It concerns a group of three New Age publishers who start to experiment with a computer program that can find the hidden connections between things that don’t seem to be related. They enter a lot of info about secret societies and lost knowledge and end up with a grand scheme for world domination. They keep revising the plan until it takes its final form. The following is a description of the plot from the web site

The final version involves the Knights Templar’s discovering secret energy flows — telluric currents — during the Crusades. The currents’ mother lode is the so-called umbilicus mundi, or “navel of the world”. By placing a special valve in the umbilicus mundi, they will be able to control the currents, to disturb and interfere with life anywhere on Earth, with vast blackmailing possibilities against entire nations.

I don’t have to remind anyone of the frozen donkey wheel, do I? So the three publishers determine that the umbilicus mundi can be found using a foulcault pendulum located in Paris (hmmm, the Lamp Post station). They have also gotten the attention of a wannabe secret society that takes action to get the location of the umbilicus mundi from them.

The Light on the Island reminds me a lot of these stories and I think that there is a good chance that the light, and the Island, is supposed to be the Umbilicu Mundi, the Navel of the World. With the finale fast approaching I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has commented on my theories in the past. The fun I got was in presenting these ideas of mine to all of you and in learnign what you think. Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “A Little Navel Contemplation

  1. Great thoughts Achalli…

    Well played in this one with the island carrying great importance as the belly button of the world…

    I like the way this ties Lost to not just one legend, but several.

    You know I can vote for it representing Mu, and Foulcaults Pendulum is a great book with direct ties to the show as you mentioned.

    Ive enjoyed your theories from Atlantis, to Illuminatus…and The Prisoner, to Schrodingers Cat…

  2. Comment posted before I was done…odd…

    I needed to ask though…Is it an innie or an outie…?
    Im kidding…

    I think this holds some ground when comparing it to the other legends you mention, and I think that this is going to be one of those things that is all in all, left up to us.

    But when looking back and forth at the island as you say, all of the references that you mentioned, I think its safe to say that the island definitely fits the bill.

    Great thoughts, I always enjoy your insight and love the line of thought you think by…

    I still think sometimes that someone on the show is going to say a defiant and definitive “no” when it comes down to the wire…proving many of your previous thought correct as well…

    Thanks as always for the theories and your insight!

  3. It’s an innie. You can tell because Brother Smokey falls in to it.

    I’ve had this thought for awhile but nothing really in the show to support it. And then I saw the Light. Although I’ve talked about Foucault’s Pendulum before it wasn’t until recently that I realized the purpose for it in the book was similar to it’s use in the Lamp Post.

    There is a lot in the book I refer too, including an Egyptian version. I kept to to Pacific and Hawaii because of the closer relation to Lost.

    I have no doubt that the biggest ‘NO’ moment is coming. No is the most powerful weapon we can wield.

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my theories. Thank you for reading and commenting on them.

  4. This makes a lot of sense and I think that you’re definitely on to something. This also relates to Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series (which the producers have cited as a heavy influence). In the series the Dark Tower is the “nexus of the multiverse” and if it falls then it’s “support” of the other worlds will crumble thus ending life entirely. This obviously sounds like the warnings we’ve heard over and over during this season. Similarly, I like to think that perhaps the light is emanating from the “fountain of youth/life”. This could vaguely explain why MIB became the invincible smoke monster because the only thing that separates God from humanity is mortality. Therefore, he lost his human form and became a type of deity. Similarly, mother said that the light is inside every man and that every man wants more. I think this quote directly relates to life and the dream of immortality, but who knows. I can’t wait to find out this sunday! Damn, I can’t believe it’s ending

  5. JacobLovesYou I’m glad you liked this. I didn’t have the Dark Tower series in mind but I can see the similarities now that you mention it. You mention the fountain of youth and the film “The Fountain” comes to mind. Great points that you raise.

  6. I love this theory! It very much seems to make sense. And if it turns out to be true then talk about foreshadowing with Locke smiling with an NAVEL orange peel in his mouth during the pilot episode! That would certainly solidfy that JJ, Damon and Carlton were on top of the main storyline from the get go in my book.

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