Putting it all together

I’m still trying to put all the pieces together.

I still think that the Losties’ lives took a turn for the worse *AFTER* they were touched by Jacob. 

-Sun & Jin’s relationship went bad after the Jacob touch at their wedding

-Sawyer wrote “the letter” after Jacob gave him a pencil

-Kate killed her stepdad after (long after) Jacob touched her nose

-Hurley was “cursed” by the numbers (presumably begun by Jacob?)

When they were around the campfire Jacob said their lives sucked before the island, but their lives didn’t really suck until after Jacob interfered.

Also, did Jacob really bring Locke back to life after he fell out of the window?

Why can Jacob leave the island so easily but MIB can’t?  Did Jacob really bring the Candidates to the island, or did Desmond do it by missing the button push?  What is the significance of all of this time travel?  Has MIB been inside Locke all this time?  Where the hell are Rose & Bernard?  What is the significance of Eloise Hawking?  Christian?  Aaron?

Can anyone tie all of this together?

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5 thoughts on “Putting it all together

  1. I’m not sure about Hurley being cursed by the numbers had anything to do with Jacob touching him. Hurley was cursed before getting on Flight 815, and Jacob didn’t touch him until quite some time after he got back from the Island. Not that the numbers didn’t have anything to do with the whole Island/Jacob thing – they obviously do, we just don’t know why yet. And his dad left, he made the deck collapse, ended up in Santa Rosa and then all the curse stuff, so really, his life did suck before Jacob. Just as Sayid’s life sucked before Jacob.

    That’s one thing I would like answered, if Hurley and Sayid were touched after the Island, were they candidates while they were there, or did Jacob decide to make them candidates after they already left?

  2. lostangela

    I think most of us share the same disturbing and annoying questions. Till the end (which is near) I hope an answer to the largest part (pleaaase).

    Like you, no matter how hard I attempt, I still don’t figure it out how Jacob managed to leave the island to meet the losties… and also, why MIB can’t do the same.

    I have the same opinion relative to Jacob effects in the losties life’s… he is the main responsible for the wretched life they had. Their life wasn’t the best but she worsens after their meeting.

    However, I disagree about MIB being inside Locke from the beginning. I think (not sure) that in the first seasons, MIB had some encounters with the smoke monster.

  3. Hi lostangela,

    My interpretation of Jacob going around touching all of Losties – he wasn’t there in the actual ’70s when those things happened to Kate and Sawyer. I think in 2007, when Jacob knew that things were turning to crap, Jacob time traveled around to all those different points in time and touched the Losties.

    I’m never good at explaining myself, but what I mean is, Jacob spent a regular day whipping around to these different time periods and locations, found the Losties and touched them, giving them the same gift he probably gave Richard (not being able to die, except at the hands of each other).

    So he didn’t cause or could prevent anything bad that happened to the Losties, because it had already happened, and his touch meant nothing but to ensure an immortal status (that, or maybe some other type of special gift such as “spiritually tying” them together as a unit, ensuring their guidance to the island, etc).

    Why did Jacob choose “those” particular times to touch them? eg. when Kate and Sawyer were young, when Hurley got out of jail etc. I think this is yet to be explained, but I suspect that the timing was pivotal for whatever reason, as I’m still being stubborn and refuse to believe that Jacob ruined the Losties lives haha I’m not even Team Jacob, I just think we’re missing a step in regards to the time travel bit which is yet to be explained..

  4. I agree with you 100% Jacob is a manipulating bastard who brought the candidates to the island for his own selfish and twisted ends.

    Even after this past episode “What They Died For” I do not buy anything Jacob has said or done. He’s no nice guy.

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