“You must do what I could never do”

When Jacob said this to the Losties in regards to killing MIB, my immediate thought was the whole “rules” thing. I then (because I like to look too much into things) looked at it as a double-meaning and thought, maybe he also means that he could never kill MIB (pre-Locke), because he was in the physical and mental form of his brother? Yes we saw him beat him to a pulp twice in Across the Sea, but sometimes brothers do that, with no intent to kill!

My interpretation of their relationship is that they loved each other, they were blood brothers once upon a time, and then all of a sudden MIB was no longer a “living human”. Jacob was a living human though, he had feelings, and you know males – they’re never good at expressing their feelings 😉 Jacob portrayed that he was keeping MIB around to try and prove a point to him, that he couldn’t let him leave the island because evil will spread etc (the evil part is probably true because Jacob created this monster..). But maybe all along, Jacob just could not bring himself to kill MIB/Smokey because he was in the form of his brother.

Like real family.. yeah sure they can be annoying, we might go and visit them at Christmas, once every few months if they’re lucky! But we still like knowing that they’re ‘there’, we will always love them, which is how I interpret Jacob’s feelings toward having MIB/Smokey around while in the form of “brother”.

When MIB changed into the form of Locke, Jacob died, everything started falling apart, and NOW Jacob suggests to the Losties that they kill him. When Jack asks if that’s even possible, Jacob says he hopes they can because he’ll try to find a way to kill them, which to me means “find a way to kill him first”. I just find it a bit suspect that Jacob had a couple of hundred years to find a way to kill the monster, but never attempted to.

Or maybe he just thinks that a few heads will be better than one.

I am also concerned, although being told that MIB can no longer change his form anymore, what if we find out this isn’t true? What if he changes into the form of Christian, which will lead to an inevitable Jack vs Christian face-off? Would Jack kill something that looked and acted like his father?

Jacob not being able to kill MIB/Smokey is most probably purely a “rules” thing… I just had to get the above out my system as a part of my sporadically random wacky thought ritual! 🙂

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5 thoughts on ““You must do what I could never do”

  1. I had not thought of Smokey changing appearances in the end as a possibility before, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I wonder if after all of Jacob’s ashes finish burning, Smokey will be able to change forms again? Oh, to think of the manipulating that could be done! Or maybe the fact that Jack accepted the responsibility will keep Smokey locked in that form?

  2. If he couldn’t change form then surely he couldn’t do the smoke thing. I think he’s staying Locke cause that’s who they all recognise. No?? No one would know mib. Plus I think the monster needed a new soul and that’s why crazy mother had to die. Monster then fed on mibs soul. I don’t think mib is the monster. The monster is mib.

  3. He will be able to change form now…although Jacob is dead, someone else has taken his rightful place…

    This is perfect for the Christian/Jack…Skywalker/Vader showdown I have been waiting for for so long…

  4. Odette – ah yes, I didn’t think about the ashes! And as AES points out, Jacob has a replacement now, so if Locke being stuck for that amount of time was due to Jacob being dead, well maybe we will see a transformation.

    Correct GK21, I do agree that the monster is MIB as you mention, it probably doesn’t come across that way in how I write because I’m lazy differentiating between the brother/MIB/Flocke/Smokey/monster names hehe gosh I just wish they’d named Brother, would make life so much easier for us all! 😛

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