The lighthouse

Short, sweet, and kind’a in question form, but only ‘cuz I’m not confident and don’t have the time to flesh it out.

Though Jacob references the names on the wall, he omits the ones in the lighthouse.

Could they be the lightkeepers – until crossed out? (

And the mirror … perhaps it isn’t Jacob watching them – but a ‘mirror’ of their off-island lives (AKA, Sidewaysville) and where they *should* be …

For example, Jack sees that house as where he grew up … but isn’t that where he was living w/David? And, sure it’s where he touched Sun/Jin when they married … but what the heck are these two lovebirds gonna’ do in SLU with her all pregnant and stuff?

And, if Jack HAS a life on which Jacob reflects … the show doesn’t end with him living on the island.

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2 thoughts on “The lighthouse

  1. I believe the house where Jack grew up in is still the same house that his Mom lives in the ALT… In the ALT David lives with his own mother but also stays with Jack, which I think is an apartment.

    And, if you go back to the mirror images of the place where Sun and Jin were married… You can see a figure of a bride and groom in the mirror. Sun and Jin are not married in the ALT. And, you can also see what looks like a funeral procession in the image of the church. But, this image should hold true for Sawyer in both realities.

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