Was it just me, or..

…did anyone else think that the latest episode was really funny? Funny as in humorous, I laughed out loud heaps! My favourite scenes/lines:

Richard telling Widmore why they were getting C4, and Ben’s reaction to this.

Ben walking towards the chair after Smokey seemingly wiped out Richard.

Jacob: I want you to have the one thing I was never given, a choice
Kate: And if none of us chooses it?
Jacob: Then this ends very badly

The entire interaction between Hurley, Ana Lucia and Desmond, mainly:

Hurley: Oh hey you didn’t tell me that Ana Lucia was gonna be here
Ana Lucia: Do I know you, tubby?
Hurley:…we never met. Anyways, here’s your money…$125k right?
Ana Lucia: Yeah that’s right. Nice not knowing you

My experience with sci-fi/fantasy tv shows is they normally have a light-hearted episode before the big apocalyptic ending. *sigh*. Not long to go people!! 🙁

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3 thoughts on “Was it just me, or..

  1. My girl and I were both cracking up when Locke was crossing the street with Desmond getting ready behind the wheel again. It just looked like Desmond had a real fetish for hitting handicapped people. Then Ben intervenes with “Oh no you don’t!”.

    I thought that part was really quite hilarious. I hadn’t laughed that hard since the Sawyer/Hurley days of old. I still remember Shannon the ditz asking “What the hell are light sticks?” Good stuff

  2. Light. Comma. Sticks.
    🙂 haha. I miss the good old days when things were both meaningful AND funny. They’ve been missing that for some time now.
    Richard flying through the air was so funny. Poor Ricardo, on the Island for 150 years only to be tossed into the trees, never to be heard from again. Maybe.

  3. Haha oh Chief I knew I was missing at least one other scene – yes, when it flashed to Desmond sitting there behind the wheel I thought the exact same thing lol and Ben with that line – absolute hilarity 😀

    I just re-watched Season 2 and forgot how much I loved the Sawyer and Hurley punch up, Sun in the background pushing Jin to help but they’re too busy laughing to intervene. Good times.

    And, as much as I love Richard, I must admit, I did laugh at him flying through the air. I hope we do see Richard fall out of a tree alive, to make myself feel better about laughing at his apparent-non-apparent death.

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