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Something dawned on me as watching last nights episode….Why bring up where Jack landed from the plane crash….seems a bit odd to describe the location of the source of light……and Jack claiming nothings there….ect………..Now i remember long ago hearing that that scene was pivotal and that Jack was told something to do that would make sence later……..Now i dont have my season 1 DVD as i have lent it out……..but does Jack get up ( very first episode) and look like he is trying to search for something….like something is not there but it should be? then gets distracted by that horrifying sound of the jet engine on the beach and cries for help?? can someone pop season 1 in there DVD and check it out for me???

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3 thoughts on “Season 1 episode 1 scene 1

  1. I’ll check it out, but from a simply symbolic standpoint, it’s funny how after the crash, Jack is the one who is “tossed” much closer to the Source than any of the other survivors.

  2. Oh wow yeah, I’m gonna be so mad if it turns out to be a repeating loop or something and ends with Jack in the field looking around. But I guess that fits in with the “It always ends the same””It only ends once, everything else is just progress” stuff.

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