When did Jacob get so smart?/Locke looking for the light?

This has confused me since the episode “Accross the Sea”. When Jacob was given the job of being the guardian of the light he was virtually clueless. He was not the powerful, manipulative man he comes to be. So how did he come to know so much about the island if he was clueless when his fake mother died? Also, how did Jacob leave the island so many times when he had always been told there was no way off, and his brothers closest attempt to leaving the island was thwarted? And how did he come up with that cork analogy with the wine bottle? Who told him that about the island, agian, when the woman was dead?

Also, Locke’s intent is to leave the island, but Jacob seems to think Locke is heading for the light. Can we assume, then, that the light is some way off the island? And maybe using this way off the island will release evil into the world or something?

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6 thoughts on “When did Jacob get so smart?/Locke looking for the light?

  1. Yes, that seemed pretty obvious to me. But apparently Jacob was not enlightened enough to not take revenge on this brother.

  2. Not to mention how many years it took to get to that point….wise with old age ring a bell??? wise with ridiculously old age….absolutely… think of all that time….on an island…nothing to do…..but think and calculate..

  3. When Jacob drank the water as well as when Jack does, they both look “enlightened” all of a sudden after drinking it.

    But maybe it’s as simple as Locke had put it previously; “The Island told me”.

  4. Oh ok, I get it now. That’s kinda disappointing that you just drink the water and suddenly you know everything. Oh well, thanks everyone!

  5. Yes, the knowledge arises with the drink (funny sentence here 🙂 ).

    It was a quick and easy way that the writers found to explain this fact (like many other things, they could have been more creative).

    However, nobody pointed out any possible explanation of how Jacob left the island to meet and “touch” the losties … any ideas for that?

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