Why Is Jack Bleeding?

Any ideas? injury from the Island “bleeding” through..haha, metaphor for time/memories “bleeding” through? could it be that cheesy? I hope not, but now I’m not sure…

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6 thoughts on “Why Is Jack Bleeding?

  1. how about MIB holding a knife to his throat while Desmond jumps into the light on the Island and unifies everyone in the ALT and then we all start watching Happy Town.

  2. i hope the merging of the two timelines doesnt end up being as simple and lame as they destroy the island everyone dies then at ths concert they all meet up and remember their other life and start singing shinny happy people or some crap. but unfortunatly thats where it looks like they are heading with it.

  3. I was thinking it was when the mortar bomb landed next to Jack and MIB when Widmore fired it to the main island, we saw him cut on the neck… but now im not so sure after seeing it again in ‘What they died for’ i think it may tie in with the Finale.

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