a concert

i dont know if anyone will find this important but im rewatching last nights epiosode and at the beginning jack’s son mentiones he has a concert that night and the mysterious mother will be there so i guess thats where desmond and sayid are going

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5 thoughts on “a concert

  1. Desmond and Kate are going. Miles and Chang are going as is Charlotte. Sawyer might cave and go as Miles’ date.

    I am guessing there is a confrontation with Eloise Hawking in the offing…

  2. This is the concert that Daniel is playing at, the one that Charlie was also meant to play at but went awol lol. My guess is that if it’s a charity event, Hurley will be there with Libby as his date too.

    elsewhere – I want to say that Ana Lucia didn’t redeem herself in the original timeline…but I’ve never been a believer in the “karma” FSW theories, I maybe changing my ways though… :S

  3. So are there 2 concerts? We know David is playing at a concert; and we know Eloise is hosting a concert at which Daniel is performing. Or is it the same concert? Maybe THIS is the moment where everyone meets up…not at the hospital, have some theorists have suggested.

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