There’s No Runway for the Plane..!!

Sorry if someone already pointed this out (because it IS rather obvious)…but thinking back to when UnLocke was telling everyone about the plane as an escape route, my first reaction was…How the hell are you going to take off a plane without a RUNWAY? I’m no pilot, but I’m pretty sure you NEED a runway for a plane to take off and get in the air!! And..I don’t think empty areas of sand count as runways.

I always predicted the sub would be the way off, but we all know that blew up…literally. And UnLocke still intends to get Claire and himself off the island via plane? I’m confused. Someone clarify!

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I started watching Lost just this year and caught up on all the previous 5 seasons in three's amazing, and I really love shows/movies involving time travel!

15 thoughts on “There’s No Runway for the Plane..!!

  1. There is a runway on hydra island. In season 3 when sawyer and kate were “working” for the others thats what they were building. When flight 316 goes through the time warp thingy Frank notices it and thats where the plane landed. I personally don’t think anyone is leaving the island, runway or no runway, i think this war is going to end with most everyone dying or bleeding into the alt somehow.

  2. I lnow what you mean….there’s no runway left. They’d have to turn the plane around in order for there to be any room for takeoff. It would take a tow vehicle and few people that knew what they were doing in order to turn the plane around.

    It would also take a lot of fuel (which I don’t think they have), and it would also take a nice engine inspection to see if there are any damaged blades from when it landed.

    This plane’s a wreck. I see no possible way for anyone to be taking off in that thing without serious maintenance first. Lapidus is most likely dead, he was just a pilot anyway. I see no crew chiefs on the island, or any towing vehicle either.

    If I see this plane take off in the finale, I’m going to write a letter to the writers asking what they were thinking.

  3. Seriously…I think I could actually still buy into a spaceship before the plane taking off at this point…maybe the only thing that scares me about what very well could happen…

  4. I agree that the plane definetly won’t take off, chief you should figure out how many hours you spent on the show and the website and ask for a refund in your letter.

  5. dude for real if u do write a letter please post it. i think that would be some funny shit. and u should sighn it for everyone on here

  6. Hmm, I forgot about the runway on Hydra..but anyway, I thought it was nowhere near finished? Either way…Lapidus basically crash landed the plane if I remember correctly…so it would be a stretch to say it’s in good enough condition to fly…

  7. Lapidus basically crash landed to the ocean bottom in the sub, so it would be a stretch to say HE’S in good enough condition to fly … and I don’t think anyone else is a pilot.

  8. Speaking of Frank and the plane, why did Widmore go to the trouble of rigging C4 all over the plane to blow it up (and also the candidates that are supposed to keep MIB on the island!!!) If he’s so determined to keep MIB on the island why not either blow up the plane directly or just shoot Frank? He’s the only pilot and without him no one can fly the plane. Or maybe he’d prefer a more subtle approach like damaging the engines so it can’t fly. Blowing it (and the candidates) up seems like he’s helping MIB more so than Jacob. Chuck knows so much about that island and MIB he must know that he wouldn’t be harmed by an explosion so what exactly was he trying to do?

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