Why Aaron is special

OK, here is one of my last theories for Lost. It’s bittersweet that it’s going to end. One of the best things about this series was thinking about theories for all the mysteries. I will miss that as well as the characters we all know and love.

Now, to my theory. I think that Aaron is special because he is the first baby born in the island in many years. Jacob could have taken him as his replacement, killing Claire in the process, just like mom did two thousand years ago. Instead Jacob decided to eliminate him from the list of candidates, so he can have a normal and happy life and is not condemned like Jacob was. Instead Jacob selects other candidates. Flawed and lost people that didn’t have much too miss from their lives.

So Aaron was the most likely candidate, as he was born in island and that’s why he’s special. Jacob felt sorry for Aaron as he reminded him of his own life. Also, MIB seems to feel empathy for Aaron as both had a crazy mom.

That’s all the mystery about Aaron. He is not from the future or stuff like that. A bit underwhelming? Probably. We all made so many complex theories and in the end almost all of them ended up having pretty simple anwers. At least there are no aliens!

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7 thoughts on “Why Aaron is special

  1. Nice, simple but I would be extremely happy to take this away and have this in my mind as the reason to why Aaron is special, good stuff 🙂

  2. Good theory, pilouuuu! I’ve always thought there was wayyy too much speculation about Aaron’s role in the whole thing. I’m glad someone else out there who thinks it’s as simple as this.

  3. It’s still strange why there were those pregnancy problems between Ethan and Aaron. Does it have something to do with the purge?

    Maybe it was MIB influence to keep babies getting born in-island and becoming the new protector of the island?

    I hope we’ll get an answer for that too!

  4. More curious about the ancient uterus-es(?) (uteri?) And why a 26-yr old woman has a 70 yr old one that can hold a baby until it’s uber protective lining turns against the fetus so much it kills the mom. (Perhaps Taweret wasn’t looking out to sea, guarding the island … but turned her back on it?)

  5. it striked me how MIB was like ‘yeah i just know how to play the game’? evryone seems to be thinking that the side ways flash is a happy ending, but what if aaron is MIB and turns the world around?

  6. I always wondered why Aaron was special, but not Alex. She was born on the island too. But i’m thinking that perhaps Aaron is special because he is a boy. I’m not sure why.. or that he is a descendant of the island’s first clan..

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