Mods- Please delete this thread as I have basically re-created a thread that I wrote before. No wonder I thought it sounded plausible.

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Originally from a town near Seattle, WA, now living in Memphis, TN. Yikes. Late bloomer when it comes to Lost, started watching based on the recommendation of a friend near the middle of the third season. I think. I then raced through the episodes online and have since gone through the seasons 3X. Not sane. I work as an engineer and grappling is a huge passion of mine. I am both excited, to see how it all gets explained, and sorry, I don't want the show to end, to have this be the final season.

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  1. Scratch this. This has already been done before. By me. Idiot. Just went through my old posts and saw that I had posted basically the same thing.

    Mods- please delete in a hurry.

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