I think Chief is (meteo)right

I’m putting my last bet in, I’m going for meteorite as well, whether it be the island itself or it landed on the island or the light was a part of the meteorite and it has special energy, I’m not sure, but meteor-origin sounds good to me.

Meteor = Falling Star

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day…..

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6 thoughts on “I think Chief is (meteo)right

  1. This is highly possible in my eye…

    I really think that we could have a “little prince” type of scenario…if the monster ends up being a separate being…if not…My bet is they never actually say what the island is…

    The best part of this would be…the island would not be considered of this world, meaning that when someone asked what the runway was for… Juliet said “for the aliens”…

    the people…humans…from a different planet than the island…are the aliens.

  2. Thanks AES! I just took a quick glance at the title again myself and thought I had written “I think Chief is a (meteo)right”, thank goodness I was just seeing things.

    Interesting thought there… I think I will be ok with them not revealing exactly what the island is, but my hope is that they show us either how the monster (whether it be a separate being, or it’s infusion with MIB) was created OR how the ‘infection’ works. I suspect that the two mysteries are interrelated anyway…

    I like that, the people being the aliens, they appeared to be alien to Jacob and Mother, but MIB just knew that he belonged with them…

  3. Hasben – I couldn’t have titled this post any better myself. I think you’re so dead on, that I might tell just everyone I know about this post. Extremely well done HasBen. This might be the king of all theor….OK I’m done.

    I’d assume I’m not the first to theorize this energy pocket being from a meteor, but when it’s all said and done, it just makes the most sense. I’m glad both you and AES can agree to that.

    When you look at the supernatural or, “unearthly” occurrences on this island, there’s only a few ways it could’ve all came to be. Without solid evidence of anything in particular, we have to use deduction.

    It just seems like a safe assumption considering all the other possibilities that could literally ruin careers. Like, you know, seeing some spaceships in the finale.

  4. I agree Chief, I am way too Scully to go with spaceships – so meteorite it is. I will be completely happy with them not overtly explaining what the light/energy pocket/weird stuff is, but if they carefully imply a scientific *and* mystic/mythological origin (think X-Files early seasons, where both Scully and Mulder were both satisfied with their findings at the end of every episode), then, that will be enough for me. And in my mind I will forever believe it was of meteorite origin, post-Lost years.

    I think what really sold me was the creepy Shephard family lullaby, singing about catching a falling star and never letting it fade away? I wonder if they will divulge the Shephard family secret…

  5. That’s some excellent symbolism. Also, let’s not forget the meteor nailing the chiken shack…..It’s a stretch, but the writers HAD to know what the origin of the energy was, even back in season 2.

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