Desmond = Walt?

Walt is special. He can be where he’s not supposed to be. He makes birds get confused and crash into buildings (related to earth’s magnetic field). Walt got big. Walt lives with gramma and doesn’t look like he’s going to the concert tonight.

Desmond is special. He can be where he’s not supposed to be. He’s impervious to electromagnetic stuff. He’s running around Sidewaysville trying to gather up all the important Losties, except Walt.

Could it be that as Walt got bigger his future role to play got smaller and his pivotal place in the show was replaced with Desmond?

OR … Vincent will bring him to the island just in time (that’s who the kid loved, right?)

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3 thoughts on “Desmond = Walt?

  1. You bring up an excellent point about the development of Walt. I think he would’ve had a bigger part to play but unfortunately his sudden growth would’ve been difficult to explain (although this is a magical island we’re talking about).

    An idea I had while reading your post was that Walt could perhaps turn up in the FSW.

    Perhaps he was born a few years earlier which could explain his growth. There are some issues with that though:

    1. He isn’t on the island or have any role in the original timeline (that we know of)

    and 2. It would just be another thing for the writers to explain and they need the finale to explain all the other things that have been going on…

    Anyway, your post makes a lot of sense and I like the idea that Desmond took on a role that perhaps was made for Walt.

  2. it would seem the alt is the start where walt is young, it would be awsome to see a pre-recorded part with a young walt to show the creators knew what they were doing all along but to see and older walt would spoil the whole clean cutness the show i think?

  3. at this moment in time, i wouldn’t put it past the writers to kill Walt off without us seeing him.. It would wrap things up nicely (although i love Walt)

    in the words of Michael :-

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