Why can Jacob leave but not MIB?

It must seriously suck to be MIB. The ONLY thing he wants to do is get off that island and be where he’s supposed to be … but he can’t.

Meanwhile, his brother can leave any time he wants. (Maybe that’s why MIB said, “you know how much I want to kill you”. implied: You keep rubbing it in my face.)

So, leaving the island is not a problem in itself – not even for the candidate.

Furthermore, MIB really isn’t an evil guy. He lived pretty harmoniously w/his people before they got mysteriously wiped out.

So, why can’t MIB leave and why would that be the end of the world?

I had been thinking: He leaves and eventually people who would steal the light would come – and I even tied it to Widmore and why he returned and the rule one one follows – once gone you can’t come back – but “Why they Died” kinda’ blew that one out of the water (much like the sub, and rafts, and ships).

So… I’m turning those wiser than I.

Why can Jacob leave the island, but not MIB?

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