Everyone Dies, The Island Sinks and They All Jump to Sideways Land

Written 20th May

So yeah, six years of this show. Lots of “Lost” hours. Lots of questions and some answers.

Some posters here are very upset about not getting what they want out of the show. Well, I think I am a little more Zen about how I look at it. What struck me the most about “What They Died For” was the incredible acting by Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn. IMHO, they are the series best actors. The scene in which Dr. Linus learns how much Alex cares for him, and his reaction was simply great acting. Also, when Locke visits Dr. Shepherd in his office, and he explains why he has changed his mind about surgery to possibly fix his spine is simply amazing work by O’Quinn. He can play Locke and MIB as completely separate characters. Man, I hope I can play guitar as well as these men can act.

So on that level, the show is very satisfying to me. I can suffer through some stilted dialog by Jacob and overlook the gross simplification of his “revelation” campfire scenes. I did like Sawyer’s display of anger, but on the whole, that entire part of the show left much to be desired. Jacob gives a little info as possible, perhaps because he is so old, and feels the island with its life/light source makes our characters as insignificant as so many ants… just as long as one of them agrees to supervise the ant hill. Whatever. So now Jack is the protector. Too bad they couldn’t devote an entire episode to that…

I think the writers are systematically killing everyone off knowing the Island is going to sink. Ah, what fun it must be to plan the death of all the characters! They are whittling the cast down to the last few important players who will have something to do with the fight over the light source and the ultimate sinking of the Island.

Here’s what I think will happen: MIB will finally be able to destroy the Island and leave, but Desmond will do something that will leave the “not sideways” universe to the MIB, and make the sideways universe the “real” universe. So in the end “smokie” will get what he wants, but perhaps not in the way that he wanted it. Maybe everyone will “cease to exist” like Whidmore said, and Smokie will ultimately be alone, even when he can travel “across the sea”. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast is alive and well in 2004 and may come to realize (by “letting go”) what has transpired. They will learn that they have a second chance, and best make good by it. This would be consistent with the themes of second chances, redemption, and reincarnation. Remember, Janney’s character told Jacob the light was “Life, death, rebirth…” Desmond will use to power of the island to “rebirth” the characters in the alt universe.

This may be simplified, but makes sense to me. I am looking for fun with great characters, superior acting and a little twist or two… So fire up that HD TV, crank your surround systems, leave your expectations in the kitchen and just have fun with it!

When it is all over, I will be happy! It was a great ride, and provoked much thought. So what if they didn’t answer all the questions, nothing is ever perfect…

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One thought on “Everyone Dies, The Island Sinks and They All Jump to Sideways Land

  1. i am not one of those who needs al the questions answered and i take the show as it comes and keep an open mind. i made a few comments last week about this same thing. i would be very disapointed if it ended this simple after all the stuff they put us through and the great writing they have done. it would show me they really had no clue and were writing as they went along. which would be fine but dont tell people u had this all planed from season two

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