Sunken Island vs Bamboo?

Anyone else got a sense of doom that we’ve been shown the final scene with the sunken island? I really hope not but why else would they show us? I’m also wondering that when we get to the end we’ll realise we’ve been shown (but not always told) most of the other conclusive points, in that they’ll be obvious once we ‘know’.

And as for the bamboo – always thought that was suss, how and where Jack woke up – I’m sure its been brought up already and sorry if so – but excuse me Jacob, how come you know exactly where Jack was when he awoke after the flight? Was there even a crash (as we know it) could they have just been zapped there?

My brain is hurting as I dont know how we can have both solutions a) sunken island and b) back to the beginning with the ‘crash’ – any ideas?

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