Why didn’t Jack become the new Smoke Monster..?

Ok, I won’t go into my feelings on the End right now –
“many questions unresolved” would be an understatemeant,
but here are some things that I REALLY don’t understand…

When we see Jacob throw Nemesis into
(It was stupid of them not to give a name, when in the end there was no reason at all why he didn’t have one.. And they had sooo many perfect moments to reveal it – Every time someone called him Locke I expected him to finally say – My name is not Locke, it’s….)
the Light – He’s unconcious and taken down by the river, yes..?

Then Hell is let lose and the Black Smoke exits through the opening..
Now, my vision of the Light and the cave was that it was basically an underground river
with a bright Light in the center(“Organic/Cosmic/Magic”) – which an unconcious Nemesis would float into and through – whereupon his body end up on the other side for Jacob to discover..

I basically thought you swam into it..
After “Across the Sea” That was how I envisioned it….we know now that I was wrong..

In fact, when WE get down there we’re shown(inspite of what I thought for sure would have been untouched by any hand of man)yet another kind of Manmade Mystical device
(Don’t get me started on the Frozen Wheel – are we really happy with the “answer” we got for that one)

– a litteral…..cork…oh yeah..

So inspite of all my expectations to the very end – we’re thrown yet some more mysteries our way.. Who the Hell built all this(Must have been an army of SuperDesmonds)
and who the Hell where those skeletons..?(Though, I guess they could actually BE the ones who built the thing – dying down there due to the exposure – but I’m not buying that)

And now that we know how it looks down there – I’m even more confused as to how(and still WHY?)the Black Smoke was created..

Unconcious Nemesis should have landed on his head or something like that(and that would suck for him…)

So How was the Smoke created..?
Did Nemesis crawl into the pool or something – and why why would anyone ever do that freely..?(Mother – “they always want more…”)
If I wasn’t missreading Desmond’s screams – the pool of Light seemed to suck big time
(and Des is the resistant one!)

Now, here’s where I get even more confused – Jack goes down, puts the cork(Yeah – the cork) back in place and collapses in the pool slowly filling back up.
Now, what I was yelling at the TV was: “Get the F*k out of there!!!” thinking if he doesn’t
he will also turn into the Black Smoke(And bear in mind that Jack now is no longer the Protector of the Island(Hurley is) but mere mortal(I assume)
(though that does go against Jacob and Jack’s line: “Now you’re like me…”)
in any case – Mother made it clear
(if we are to be so stupid as to believe her)
that NO ONE was allowed down there(Pandoras Box came to my mind)

and when Jack does come out(somehow some way)from the cave
he’s lying in the exakt same place Nemesis did – furthering my fears of Jack having become
the Black Smoke……but then he wakes up…and Jack is “fine..”

1# So..? How did an unconcious Nemesis become the Black Smoke(and even if he was awake – what the Hell did he have to do I wonder- in very short time I might add..)

2# Why was that such a big deal – “Islandwise”…?
the Light didn’t go out – it certainly didn’t seem like “a fate worse than death”
In fact – Nemesis just seemed like a more powerful Jacob – and the role of
Protector of the Island, could have and should have gone to whoever was the Black Smoke.

He/It is imortal
He Does have a “body” in a sense – He enjoys mango/food for one thing
When Jack hits Nemesis and he bleeds – they both seemed surprised – making me think
that neither He nor Jack Felt any different when the cork was pulled.
and a question some have asked as to why Nemesis
doesn’t “smoke” his way around all the time was simply but(for once) satisfyingly responded
with he likes to feel his feet on the ground as it reminds him of when he was human
So he does have a body
Nemesis is angry because he doesn’t have his Own body(Feeling violated probably)

Moving on
– It can flawlessly “scan” any person to see whether they’re good or not
as opposed to Jacob, who knew very little about human character – shown by all the crossed out names and his own final thoughts – provided to Benjamin via Miles – “right until you stabbed him – he was hoping he was wrong about you..”

In fact the only problem seemed to be that Nemesis(For most personal reasons)
wanted to leave and see the World – go home! which he wasn’t allowed to
(Either as Human child by his “Mother” or as the Black Smoke by Jacob – both of them for unknown reasons)

Had let’s say – Mother or John Locke become the Black Smoke
(someone who really didn’t want to leave, but protect the Island)
it would have been what Danielle initially had most of us believe
– the Ultimate Bad-Ass WatchDog

Now, whatever the Black Smoke was – or why it would mean the End of the World if it left
(when in fact – once again, the Light was still glowing)
– it didn’t seem to do any damage ON the Island – yet it had been around for a long time..

When the show started and progressed we were lead to believe that the Losties
were brought to the Island for a reason – we just didn’t know what it is – and wouldn’t for a long time…

Then we’re introduced to Jacob and Nemesis and it seems they’re playing a game
based on human character – one in which Jacob must prove Nemesis wrong – to win some
great victory and save the world..

the Losties seem to play a huge part in Jacobs plan
(Which obviously he started planning long ago – as evident by his touches – mainly Sawyer and Kate)as opposed to his first attempts(from what we know)when he just pulled people randomly
(the Black Rock) to the Island
We have no reason to believe he touched Richard prior to the Island and it seems obvious
Jacob had no initial plan for him.

However, the “Reason” takes yet another turn as it’s clear that the Losties presence is what
actually enables Nemesis’ “loophole” and thus the murder of Jacob
Still, even in the face of his demise Jacob seemed to have a plan(They’re coming…)
and after death he still lingers on
(How, btw – cursed..? and Why didn’t Mother stay around – and perhaps help the Losties, Isabella did..!)

Then the reason is for ONE of them – a Candidate – to take Jacobs place as Protector of the Island.
Whatever that truly means – when in fact Jacob has done nothing but put it in danger with all the people he keeps bringing there
(“Innocent” people who Jacob knows will most likely face a horrible death of sorts – how many “pleasant” deaths have we seen on Lost..?)

Further down the road we’re Told(by various people – among them Richard’s Isabella – who for unknown reasons were able to appear on a special Island where she’s never been – dead(body) or alive) that the reason they have to stop Nemesis from leaving.

We’re then presented with the “Source” the Heart of the Island – which is the big deal –
in other words Nemesis was right “It’s just an Island..” what makes it special is the Light –
without it(theoretically)the Island itself is “just a big peice of rock”
It’s the Light itself and its “veins”(pockets of energy around the Island) that makes it special

Now, when our final candidates have their sit-down with Jacob
he explains that he choose all of them NOT because they were special – but rather the
“opposite” they were like him(and I don’t think he was referring to his powers) – flawed.
In fact, Jacob himself didn’t even choose anyone – Jack stepped up
(though he was surely hoping so – he didn’t know Jack would – not that anyone of them would –
after all he’s put them through..)
And the reason they’re there is
for One of them to Replace Him,
Protect the Light
(From who btw, you can’t find it unless you know where it is – Nemesis – who knows the Island better than anyone – I even dare say Jacob – had been looking for it everywhere but couldn’t – no one just stumbles upon it, right..?)
and find a way to do what he himself couldn’t
– kill his brother – and when asked if that’s even possible he replies: “I hope so…”
(Yet, Jacob didn’t bother to mention Desmond – who he brought back – being the
last card – it was pure luck they found that one out)

So…in “The End” Jacob himself was looking for a loophole..
He didn’t seem to know very much of anything – Mother didn’t say much, there was no
“Greater Force” showing the path – only an “Enlightened” Jacob not having a clue of what
to do, other than –
“Shit, baby-brother will eventually get my ass – I should probably get someone else to figure out how to deal with him…and just to make sure it’ll be as difficult as
possible – I’ll make them go through Hell until the very last moment when I pass the torch and reveal to them – I hope you have a good idea, because even after all these years of “enlightenment” I’m still fu*ing clueless..”

Jack does “find” a way to finally kill Nemesis and dies after having done so and make Hurley the new protector of the Island
(Quite against his free will though – Hurley agrees because he feels he Doesn’t have a choice – and even though it might not(or could in fact)have been a good idea
– being that Jack was the “New Jacob” he probably could have choosen whoever he wanted – even Benjamin, Jacob and his Lists are history)

Anyway, Hurley together with Ben as advisor rules/protects the Island for an unknown time
until their death(Which I’m extremely curious about – I’m guessing Hurley became imortal/ageless – and could make Ben the same – so how did THOSE TWO finally die?)

The thing is – with Lost I think most of us have felt that we’ve been heading towards “the End”
Especially with Jacobs now so famous line:
“It only Ends once – everything in between is just progress…”

But we didn’t get an End…and as far as we can understand – there never was – not will/could there ever be…Since Hurley and Benjamin in fact died – I’m guessing the Light/Island is
still in danger and that Hurley had to make someone else protect it before he died –
And that he or she is protecting it during the FSW(Limbo/Purgatory)

So what was the Progress and End that Jacob was talking about..?
It just seems to go on and on and on – forever
“the light must never go out!” So what End was there then to fight for..?
(other than the individual ones off course)

So, what were Jacob and Nemesis actually talking about at the beach – was it all really
JUST a game to prove his brother wrong..? Did he really endanger the Light,
the Island and all that is good – totally against his Mothers wishes
(who he so loved and even “killed” for) just to prove he’s right – taunting the “Monster”
he himself created.

When all is said and done – Jacob should have never been the Protector
Here’s a tip of you want to protect something, keep it secret, hidden………..

I actually loved the conclusion/reunions for the characters
(though I can’t for the life of me understand how come Sayid ended up with Shannon and not Nadia – though one reason might be “Because I don’t deserve you…” – guilt for what he did for Nemesis – Desmond: “And what will you Tell her, about what you did you be with her..?”
However, I felt that he redeemed himself running off with the bomb..)
but in terms of the mythology the story – it was depressing..

Nemesis and Jacob who we thought both of them were wise, Godlike beings,
knowing all the secrets of the World – turned out to be “mere humans”
with somewhat special powers…

We never got anywhere near “the Beginning” and there was no “End”
We only got what seemed to be a small glimpse of an enormous History
And unless we somehow(via a Lost-Bibel or whatever)get to know more
– I feel cheated beyond words…

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I may or may not have what is needed for the changing of the World - but regardless, I feel I have the obligation to atleast try..

9 thoughts on “Why didn’t Jack become the new Smoke Monster..?

  1. I enjoy your cynical and understandable words regarding Jacob and MIB. Like you said, we basically got just a mere glimpse of the entire island’s timeline. That part alone doesn’t so much bother me. It’s the insane amount of build up that the writers gave us to ponder and deal with along the way.

    They really made Jacob and Smokey sound like the most important characters in the world. Then right before it’s all over, they both are gone in very un-epic fashions. That alone is fine….But everything we witnessed throughout this show was Jacob’s doing, and it REALLY seemed like it was all for nothing. Did he really just lead a group of people down a path that allowed them to all come together in the afterlife? What about the hundreds of other poor souls that died in the process of Jack and Kate reuniting in purgatory?

  2. Was it really necissary fro Jacob to gather a group of “others” to do the nasty things they did in order for Hurley to end up protecting the island at a much later date? Was there not a reason for all of this? I guess not huh? Pretty mind-blowing.

  3. Yeah, you know Damon and Cuse started planting in our heads quite some time ago that we won’t get all the answers(and we all understood that, off course)
    to all the mysteries on the show.
    Some because there wouldn’t be time – some because they didn’t want to “ruin the mystery” of the Island/show – fair enough..

    Now, this is interesting to me..
    They say they either didn’t have the time
    or desire to reveal certain things – but in the End, they had revealed basically nothing – at all..

    Even after Jacobs sucky answers in
    “What they died for” I was hoping for
    the new enlightened Jack to provide some answers to any questions the others might have(it could have been done easily without campfire, while they were walking – with Hurley asking comic-con-like questions – Who of us WOULDN’T buy Hurley doing that..?)But we didn’t get to see anything of Jack’s newfound wisdom..

    In fact he seemed exactly the same – he went along with his faith – but he had that for a while now – and just got lucky.
    I mean, when Nemesis leaves the cave, Jack runs after him in anger
    (losing control like he has before – think back to the radio-tower and Ben)
    and is equally surprised when Nemesis bleeds – he got lucky. It came down to a fistfight
    (not saying I didn’t like it – I wasn’t expecting lightning bolts – but Sawyer or Sayid is more likely to have won)
    one that Jack actually Lost(Ha!)He was saved by One-liner Kate.

    And then he puts the cork back in its place…
    I gotta say – for mystical, cosmic devices created by what must be some of the smartest men ever(guessing dead or alive)
    it sure doesn’t take a f*cking
    rocket-scientist to operate them..

    A Time-Altering Wheel run by polarbears
    and THE Most important thing -ever- a cork.

    Hell, down there – is there anyone that wouldn’t figure out how to stop it..?

    There is a huge differense between
    Choosing not to give an Answer and Not being Able to.. The writers Told us they Choose not to Tell us – and that We probably wouldn’t get all the answers..

    That is giving the appearence of there actually being a thought behind what you have presented for your audience – just that they might not get it all – or have it served on a plate – but that They did indeed have a Reason for it..

    What I believe is that inspite of their claims of having thought ahead – of there being connections and so forth –
    that Lost(or perhaps rather)the Island
    and all its mysteries are all ideas they initially had a plan for – but just let go right away basically..

    I’m wondering if I were to ask Damon and Cuse: Ok, I won’t Tell anyone and spoil the mystery – but for example, what was the deal with the cabin..? Who did John see flashing, why was there ash around it, why was it moving, and who scared Hurley in the window..?
    Damon, Carlton – did you ever have any idea of what you were doing..?
    (being that the cabin was a big deal for a long time)
    Or how about the Cork and the Lightpool itself – who built it
    (And some bullshit about an “Ancient Civilisation” would be like saying
    – uh, people built it – Who, when and why, dammit..?)
    Are those things you Choose not to answer – or things
    (along with…everything else)
    you just couldn’t answer,
    had no answer for..?

    You’re right Chief – the Hell they had to go through feels really stupid now in retrospect..Jacob has been chillin in his damn foot all this time(probably watching something better – like 24 – on some mystical hidden DvD)

  4. I actually thought a moment that Jack was going to turn into the Smoke Monster and I was actually hoping he would. It would’ve been a twist, something exciting.

    I’m trying to understand why some people are satisfied with the ending.

    I was really enjoying the episode up until Christian made an appearence and we found out everyone was dead. They could’ve done so much with the FSW but instead they chose the easy way out.

    What about all those times that it was hinted that they were on the island for a reason. Was it really so simple as to find a replacement for Jacob? Did they really need 6 seasons to do that?

    I find it hard to believe that everything that happened on the island was a setup for them to join together in the AFTER LIFE, be happy for a short period of time once they’ve rememberd everything, and then move on into the light. What was the point??

    It’s frustrating.

  5. Most of the people that are satisfied are media critics that don’t want to piss off their public relations to the network.

    I wanted to like the way it ended SO badly, as I know all hardcore fans did. Some might be in denial. Some might just be letting them off easily. Some are simply satisfied that they all got together for one last scene, and that’s fine by me. That’s the only part I really liked. I’m with ya though. To call this a fulfilling ending is like calling the writers honest.

  6. to tell you the truth i didnt read the whole post, sorry it’s long and i’m lazy haha but from what i read i totally agree! specially when we see jack’s body thrown out on the same tree and in the same position as mib. i seriously yelled out “omg jack’s the new smokey!”. but i guess he wasnt! it really doesnt make any sense that mr. no name over there would go into the same hole as jack and come out as smokey and jack wouldnt. i get that desmond wouldnt because of his magical radioactivity resistant powers, but jack doesnt have those powers so how does he come out alive-ish?

  7. Its one of those things that is up for interpretation. This is how I took it…..

    The Island is an entity to itself. Although Mother was the Protector of the Island, as was Jacob after her, they didnt know everything. Like when Jacob was asked how the Losties should go about doign this or that, he plain just didnt know. He also didnt know that to kill Smokey, they would have to pull the plug to make him mortal. Mother probably didnt know exactly what was going on down there because she was too afraid to go down there herself. But maybe she had seen people find there way down there and get burnt up. ( I dont know how, they make it sound like no one can find it unless shown by the Protector.) But maybe what separates Noname and Jack is that the Island knew Noname’s intentions towards the Source. And maybe it knew Jack was there to help it, as was Desmond. Or maybe Smokey coming about was just a reaction with the amount of power Noname possessed himself. He was special, and was obviously different from other regular people that wereon the Island. That would also explain why the skeletons in that chamber werent also Smoke monsters that were running amuck on the island. Like I said….conjecture lol

  8. I think Jack does stay “like Jacob” even after he gets Hugo to drink the island water.

    That is probably why he didn’t turn into the new Smoke Monster.

    But I’m with you, I would have loved it if Jack turned into the new Smoke Monster, I think that is better than him being thrown out unharmed. But I think it happened because he was still like Jacob.

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