The finale explained.

Let’s get something right. The island is not purgatory. If you think it is you are missing the point of not just the finale but the whole show.

Christian tells Jack the island and everything that happened on it is real.

The alternate universe was a construct they made when Juliet detonated jughead. They all existed there even the ones who made it off the island on the plane with lapidus, and ben and hurley. 

If this seems contradictory then let me explain but remember I’m using an analogy that all can understand. I am NOT being literal. 

Imagine you are dead. 

As Christian said to Jack when you are dead there is no now. 

No now equals no time, because of this then everyone you knew or loved would  be with you because on earth/reality where time does exist everyone dies at some point.

So if you died years before your wife/child/sibling you would still meet them in whatever version of the aftelife you went to. 

The people on the plane got off the island and lived there lives until the day they died. 

Hurley and Ben protected the island until they were no longer needed. 

It wasn’t the best ending they could have come up with but it wasn’t the worst. 

But the island definetly was not purgatory or limbo. 

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9 thoughts on “The finale explained.

  1. Yeah. Bringing everyone together for the end was great. Being that that’s all the writers accomplished in the finale was a disaster.

  2. Yeah this is how I understood how it went down. Points to ponder is that perhaps Hurley and Ben were the ones that sent Desmond back to a place/time where he would set in motion the actions that enabled them all to be together in the end….or as my man Ben puts it…”a better way.”

  3. i understood it. still didn’t like it. I would have loved it if it was a comletely different show that had only taken 2 seasons to tell the story.

  4. But in fairness, they do explain that Hurley and Ben did a great job:-

    HURLEY – Yo Ben, you were a great number 2 dude.

    BEN – Yeah, thanks Hugo. You were a great number 1.

    I can’t believe that I have idolised this show for 6 years, and the writer’s thought this would be totally acceptable dialogue.


  5. I believe everyone and every animal we ever saw on LOST since the very first minute were DEAD. Jack was dead when he woke up in the bamboo. Everyone on the beach was dead. Dharma people, the others, were all dead. Jacob and MIB were the unborn dead. Claudia was dead. Aaron was dead and was never born.

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