a bunch of questions from someone who hasn’t been on here for a while!

Hang on, just thought, #lost WTF would have happened IF locke/MIB had gotten off the island? Was Jacob REALY the good guy? Hundreds of questions besides. What was the point in season 5? Did dhama know about the weird light? Who built the lighthouse? Who built the statue? If the island was under water in the “ALTERNATE” timeline, was MIB off the island in the alternate timeline? What were the weird spiders that bit paulo & Nikki? What happened to the children from the tail of Oceanic 815? Were they killed by MIB in season 6? The temple? What exactly was the point in the hatch in seasons 1 & 2? Where was Ecko in the church? Why wasn’t Anna Lucia needed? Why were there sharks with dhama logos? How come rabbits could be cloned? What became of Rose and Bernard? Why the fuck did going into the light turn the MIB into smoke? Why didn’t he have a name? What was Whitmore planning to do had he not been killed? What happened to his cronies? What became of Desmond on the island? Did Clair ever wash her hair? What was special about Walt? Why did the island cure people, but not everyone? Why did women die if they got pregnant? How did MIB get onto the freiter to speak to Micheal? How did time travel happen?
There’s so many more too!

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9 thoughts on “a bunch of questions from someone who hasn’t been on here for a while!

  1. STLDynamite shows us JJ Abrams “Magic Box”, which explains answers not answered (think Bruce the Shark)

    Of the questions you asked that were answered or can be reasonably answered:

    It wasn’t his getting off the island, it was his destroying the light ‘cuz he hated the island so much. If he got off the island, he’da died ‘cuz putting out the light made him mortal.

    Jacob: Depends on your definition of ‘good’. He had honor and a ‘by any means necessary’ attitude’, but you can decide whether he (like Ben) used unnecessary roughness to achieve the goal of saving the world. (Like you would a brave soldier who believes in that for which he’s fighting … but has collateral damage in the process.)

    Season 5 was both part of the journey and answered many questions. For example for all those “What about Walt” people, Locke decided to leave him to live a normal life with his grandmother. It also showed that though Jacob forced our Losties there the first time, they were ultimately there by choice.

    MIB wasn’t in ALT ‘cuz they didn’t want him in the orgy room. He may be in his own ALT w/Jacob, or he’s stuck as a whisper. (Sidewaysville is explained more completely below.)

    Lighthouse – probably Jacob or minions. (More curious how it worked.) Temple, his minions – perhaps at his direction or as a form of worship.

    The weird spiders were Smokie. (They even made his noise.)

    Anyone (including kids) in the temple or that followed were offed by MIB. There *could* be some others living like animals in the wild.

    The hatch was a magic box. It included Desmond AND the magic box and was a good reference point as the story went to season 5 (the Swan/Incident) and 6 (Juliet).

    Bigger question – why was Anna Lucia ever included?

    Sharks and rabbits were Dharma experiments. I’d LOVE to see that movie, btw.

    Rose and Bernard lived the rest of their natural lives on the island with Rose constantly complaining and Bernard doing his best ‘George Doormat’ and keeping his mouth shut. Better question – why where they in the orgy room at the end? It’s not like they liked anyone there. Was that their hell?

    MIB = Smokie because Jacob couldn’t hurt him and he was immortal as long as the darkness was corked. The electromagnetic stuff that killed others when the water was running (except Desmond and presumeably Walt if they went there) did it. The total Why is a combination of quantum physics and what Mother did.

    MIBs name is Adam. Mothers is Eve. That people keep asking this only proves ‘you can’t please everyone’. First everyone wants to know who Adam/Eve are, then when they are told they keep asking the names of who they are.

    Widmore and cronies. Again, you need to understand what Sidewaysville is. It’s a sort of limbo where people live while they are waiting for their happily ever after. When you die, you’ll want to be with those who love and understand YOU. For each group of people it’s different. For our losties, it was themselves. Widmore is waiting in Sidewaysville for his overbearing wife to be ready to go (just like Bernard). Their IS another option, and that’s island-limbo as a whisper, like Michael. Widmore’s cronies (like the kids, etc.) are in one of the two until they are in Happily-Ever-Afterville. (Sadly, Aaron musta’ had a real bad life, since he shows up in the orgy room as a baby while Jin-Soo musta’ picked some other happy life.) As for Ben, I don’t think he’s ‘not good enough’ to join the Losties, but had a better life with Alex and the Others, and he’s waiting for that time (maybe Alex isn’t dead yet.)

    Desmond – he had to be the go-between for Ben/Hurley for awhile. Ben probably sent him to Tunesia, where he met up w/Penny and brought her (but not lil Charlie) to the island to bond w/Ben/Hurley ‘cuz she (and not lil Charlie) were in the orgy room.

    Claire may or may not have ever washed her hair. (Again, Aaron apparently felt best as a baby on the island.)

    Walt had a whole episode devoted to him explaining why he was special. It was called ‘Special’. And, he was probably born that way, like Desmond and Miles and Heroes. (Or, maybe his mom worked for Dharma. I’d sure like to see that movie.)

    Cures – probably MIB manipulations. Same w/can’t have babies. They had old uteri and strong autoimmune responses.

    The Freighter was within island range or Jin couldn’t have gotten there.

    You’ll have to read about physics to understand the time-travel stuff.

    Hope that clears it up : )

    (You really should watch that video the answers you want are sometimes boring … which may be why Abrams starts off explaing the structure polypeptide rings.)

  2. “It wasn’t his getting off the island, it was his destroying the light ‘cuz he hated the island so much. If he got off the island, he’da died ‘cuz putting out the light made him mortal.”

    It made him mortal, yes, but he could have gotten off the island and lived the rest of his life being happy. I don’t understand how him leaving the island would’ve caused the end of the world. Why did Jack have to kill him? He wasn’t Smokey anymore.

  3. Good job trying to make sense of it all.

    Regarding Ben though: He couldn’t have been waiting for Alex to die. WHEN someone died had no influence on whether or not they were in the FSW. Ben’s waiting outside was a mystery.

    About the kids at the temple: They followed Flocke. There was a scene where Flocke said something to them as they were leaving the temple (after he destroyed everyone there).

    That JJ Abrams video is really interesting, but it’s not like he’s explaining answers or anything. He’s basically just stating that: “Mysteries rule above all. People will pay to be mystified. That’s why I’m rich.”

  4. And good point Emzi, why is it that the more we’re all thinking about the details of the end, the less sense it makes? IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

  5. man you guys are smart!

    you know what, I wished I had come on here alot more during season 6, it seems that the “snobby” attitudes that used to annoy me are no longer as prominant!

    well thanks guys, it’s real nice to know i’m not alone in the confusion, and a great point Emzi btw! I feel really bad for MIB now!

    all of your input is appreciated!

  6. I think Ben was waiting outside because he knew everyone inside was going to “Heaven” and he probably knew (or thought) he was going to “Hell”.

    That’s my take on it anyhow.

  7. ramfangazman – sorry. A had a bit of a snob-type attitude when this last season began. I was just getting frustrated at the pacing of the season.

    How great would it have been to see the MIB (as his true self) in the church at the end? He obviously wasn’t a bad guy before he became smokey. Although he had no positive ties to any of the losties, it would’ve been great to see him be able to move on in an appropriate way after seeing his death on the cliff.

  8. Hi, I will attempt to the best of my abilities to answer your questions using my knowledge of the show and some of my own opinion!

    His darkness would have spread all over the world, the volcano would erupt causing the island to sink!

    In my opinion he was the good guy because he wanted to protect the light source and kill Locke (MIB) so as he would not spread his evil.

    To gain more of an insight into the Dharma initiative and to see how the Losties were the cause of their own destiny, ie. (The Incident). I think the lesson from season 5 was, ‘What happened, happened!’

    Yes, of course Dharma knew about the wierd light hence the reason why they built the Orchid Station and the Swan Station, Dharma were running experiments on the islands electromagnetic properties!

    Who Built the Light House?
    Unknown, this question is open to broad interpretation. Possibly, Jacob built it! But ask yourself the question, was the lighthouse physically there!?!

    It’s an Egyptian statue, so it was more than likely built by Egyptians that inhabited the island, the Egyptians most probably built the statue as a testament to their own religous or superstitous beliefs.

    If the Island was underwater in the Alternate universe, did MIB get off the island in the Alternate Universe?
    This wasn’t an alternate universe, it was an afterlife! The island being under the sea probably explains that the monster got what he was looking for in his afterlife!

    The spiders were a manifestation of the smoke monster, the writers and producers have confirmed this!

    What happened to the Children from the tail of 815?
    Most probably dead!

    The Temple?
    The temple is a sanctuary for the others, a place were they are gauranteed protection from the smoke monster beacause the smoke monster could not enter it! However, the temple was rendered useless when the smoke monster managed to infiltrate it and massacre it’s inhabitants!

    Michael, also was not in the church, possibly echo wasn’t in the church because he is stuck with the whispers on the island, or he is not ready to enter the church because he, like Ben, can not forgive himself of his sins. Anna Lucia wasn’t needed because she wasn’t ready!

    Why where there sharks with DHARMA logos?
    This wasn’t a part of the main storyline, it was merely an ‘easter egg’. Or, perhaps in the afterlife one of the dharma initiative people’s ideal world would have been to do experiments with sharks?

    Rabbits could be cloned because the dharma initiative were running time travel experiments were they would send a rabbit back through time, hence spawning the same rabbit again.

    What became of Rose and Bernard?
    Rose and Bernard lived a happy existence on the island.

    Why did going into the light turn MIB into Smoky?
    The unique electromagnetic energy killed Jacob’s brother but also transformed into a unique abnormal supernatural being, by mixing human particles with electromagnetic particles. MIB didn’t have a name because his mum hadn’t chosen a name for him and couldn’t think of a new name as she was killed by their fake mum!

    What did Widmore plan on doing?
    Widmore was going to take advantage of the uniqe electromagnetic properties of the island!

    Women died if they conceived because Jack detonated a Hydrogen bomb in 1977 releasing abnormal quantities of electromagnetic energy which created problems regarding fertilisation!

    use your Initiative!!!! Dharma Initiative! GET IT??????

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