Jack is in a loop

Of course, Jack ends Season 6 in exactly the same spot as he started it in Season 1… but there’s something else that point to the theory that Jack is in a loop.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this, but in the first episode of Season 1, Jack tells Kate to stitch a wound… the same wound that Flocke inflicts on Jack with his knife at the end of Season 6!

I think this is very good evidence that Jack is in a loop.

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9 thoughts on “Jack is in a loop

  1. It’s a different wound… it was on his back and on the other side of his body. If it was in the same spot he wouldn’t have needed Kate’s help. Plus, the same would would have killed him.

  2. I think he may have been in a loop type of thing but because of the one thing or another that somebody did, the loop was stopped and he was able to “move on” with the others in the church.

  3. The wound from Locke in the finale is what appears to Jack in the “dream place” that makes Jack ask his mother about his appendectomy. The scar he sees though is on the wrong side for an appendix, which is why we knew it wasnt from the surgery, and most likely related to the blood that appeared on his neck.

    Now why the wound in his gut appeared as a scar and the wound on his neck was fresh in the “dream place” I have no clue. :>)

  4. ??? did you even scan episode one before writing?? and even if the wounds did match….which they don’t…how does a loop even remotely make sense??? I would have excepted a loop with a well done set up….however they did not even leave an inkling of a chance of it?? okay lets pretend the wound matched up…..xactxx finish what you started… i believe your answer would be the equivalent of me watching a cat get tortured…..and i love animals.

  5. OK, just to throw this out there, I immediately said on viewing, the wound Jack receives is very much like the spear wound Jesus receives on the cross.

    And he sacrificed himself for his people, and his called Shepherd.

    Plus notice the abundance of Jesus statues in the episode and at the Windmore property.

    I do agree with elements of the loop.

    For example, how many times did Jack and Locke look down a tunnel, hole, where light was down below. That happened with the hatch, with this cave in the final episode.

    With them throwing a atom bomb into a hole in the ground.

    Everytime the island moved, the subsequent events mean they seemed to have to look down a hole of some sorts.

  6. “Now why the wound in his gut appeared as a scar and the wound on his neck was fresh in the “dream place” I have no clue”

    It’s because it wasn’t very well thought out.

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