Anyone miss Lost already?

It’s Tuesday, and I’m feel so sad that Lost won’t be on tonight. I’m really going to miss that show. Even though I’m unhappy how it ended and am left with a ton of unanswered questions, I am really starting to miss it. I think I need a Lost purgatory so that I can find a way to move on. 🙁

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4 thoughts on “Anyone miss Lost already?

  1. I felt sad even before the finale aired because I knew it was coming. After I saw it, I felt really satisfied with the way it ended, but I still miss it a lot. I try to keep in mind Terry O’Quinn’s quote from the 2-hour recap that aired before The End:

    “Of course you don’t want it to end, but it’s like finishing a really good book, then closing it and thinking that was a really great story.”

    I’m keeping this in mind as much as I can and smiling when I look back, because it was indeed a truly great story.

  2. I miss it a lot too. It was the greatest tv series i have ever seen up to now so i don’t think any other tv show can replace what LOST gave us.

    I’m so attached to it that i feel like someone closed to me have just left me. I think it will take few more days to get over this sad feeling.

    Thank you LOST.

  3. No, I’m not missing it.

    I live in Europe. I loved the show. I went up crazy early every Wednesday morning this spring in order to be able to watch it as soon as I could get my hands on it on the net.

    But The End ruined it for me. I don’t feel like watching a single Lost episode again. But I’ll have to find out whether the DVD contains any more answers.

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