Character development?

I keep reading that this last season was about character development, blah, blah, blah. That’s NOT what this season was since the Flash Sideways were not who the character really were. Character development was happening throughout the series from the beginning with the FlashBACKS. That’s what the Flashbacks were for — for character development — so that we could see why the characters were the way they were. We didn’t need the Flash Sideways or Purgatory for that. The whole Purgatory thing was ridiculous. I love that they showed them all together and happy at the end, but find it sad that it took them dying and going through all the hell they went through on the island just to find happiness in death.

They should have used this final season to give us the answers we so deserve for sticking with the show for six years. They still could have ended the show by showing them dead and happy.

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