The End, and my problems with it.

Well, first of all, the end happened, and I think I cried 5 times at least, it was well done, and wrapped the story side up very neatly, it was great to see that all the characters were somewhat  “healed” so to speak, and were all together again. That said, I do feel that we’ve been duped.

I’ve heard people(including the writers) say, to the mysteries that weren’t answered, that they aren’t relevant to the story. This is a giant cop-out, esp for the writers, who included all this mystery through all the seasons, and then failed to deliver on any real answers. There is so much mythology and history that was never explained, people’s motives that weren’t explained, and its not just that they didn’t explain these things, to let us figure them out for ourselves, we were not given the needed information to make these discoveries, so they will be forever obscured from our view.

For them to then say, “well this is about the characters, not the island, that’s just the setting to develop the character’s connections”, is BS, they knew that they were keeping people hooked via the mysteries. Without a mysterious island, this show would have died in the first season. There is a large group of people who were actually interested in the mysteries, and wanted answers to them.

The writers knew this, which is why I feel duped. They basically just threw anything they wanted into the mix, knowing that they would never really have to explain it all, and I sat there every night racking my brain on how this is all possible and what it means.

The truth is it never meant anything, they were just making up a crazy story with no intention of ever explaining it all. Anyone can do that. Its making a story that can be explained and makes sense that is  hard, all they have to do is remain plausible and keep firing out more mysteries to keep us distracted to the fact that we’re being led down a path that can’t be explained.

And they had ample time in this season to give real answers, I remember a few episodes where we found out almost nothing about the plot, they could have beep packing answers in there!

Yes, the characters were compelling, and yes I enjoyed the show, but that doesn’t let them off the hook for indirectly lying to/tricking me. Its as though seasons 1-5 were just a giant gimmick to keep us watching, then the last season was a totally different show. “Oh, all those mysteries we spent 5 years feeding you? Don’t worry about them, we’ll throw in a half-assed answer here and there, the real story is about THIS!”

Well, that’s that… its over. maybe we should get together and construct a real ending to lost. It would appear we’ve spent far more time thinking about the mysteries than the writers have.

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15 thoughts on “The End, and my problems with it.

  1. The thing about this whole unanswered mysteries complaining is that you would never be satisfied with any answer they gave. So the question in S3 and S4 was “Who’s Jacob?” Okay, so they introduce you to Jacob. “But where did he come from?” So, they show you his birth, his upbringing, and his transition to protector of the Island. They show you how the Monster was created, when, and by whom. They fully explain the Monsters’ motives. Somehow it’s still not enough. They show you the Source, the stone cork inside the pool inside the Source, show you what happens when you pull it out, and what happens when you plug it in. Not good enough. They show you how the frozen wheel was built, who built it, when it was built, and how it works. They resolve the flash-sideways, the cut on Jack’s neck, the scar on his abdomen, & Juliet’s dutch comment. Still not good enough.

    All this nonsense is like a child repeatedly asking “but why?” repeatedly after every answer is given. After a while, you just have to take what you’ve been given and let the rest fall to the wayside because to fully and compeltely answer every single detail of the show and then explain the reasons behind the reasons then the causes for the reasons for the reasons and the precedent for the causes of the reasons of the reasons, they would have had to announce a 2020 end date for the series. Give it a freakin rest already.

  2. I completely agree with Inquisitor. I watched The End several times and i cried several time. It was a great way to end the series.

    It’s time for us to let go like Jack did in THE END.

  3. Thanks zerocool.. we may have not gotten all the answers we wished or hoped for, but at least people like zerocool and myself walk away satisfied.

  4. For me, it’s not about answering any questions.. It’s about the continuity of the story. It’s about using all the elements developed throughout the story of Lost to bring the conflicts to resolution. The story of Lost was developing very well, and it was NOT going toward Purgatory. Then all of a sudden the writers shift it to an afterlife and everybody’s dead.. It could have ended differently; it really could have been an Alternate Timeline; Jack defeats MIB, he dies after fighting with MIB, but then wakes up performing surgery on John Locke (that would have been really cool actually, just thought of that). But I think writers wanted a really emotional ending…
    I thought final episode was really well done, definitely one of the better episodes..but how it ended the story of Lost, I wish it wasn’t really “THE END”

  5. Inquisitor & zerocool,

    I’m glad you’re satisfied with the ending, but I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    Nobody is asking for ALL the answers, not even the writers, even if they weren’t lazy jerks, could have done that. The problem is they, the writers, led us to believe there would be some answers that tied things together.

    What is the problem with Jacob & Kevin’s (Chris63084 that’s what we’re going to call MIB in the ending we’re making on youtube, watch for it) origin? The problem is it’s not connected in anyway to some of the other things we were looking for that the writers made us want to know!

    Example, any clue as to what the statue really represented and why Jacob hung out there and said, “no one comes in unless I ask them”? Any clue as to why Kevin told Richard to no let Jacob speak before trying to kill him like Dogen did Sayid? Nope!

    All of these things pointed to the origins of Jacob & Kevin. So it’s not childish to ask things like “How did the first guardian become the first guardian?” You don’t have to explain the light on the island anymore than Jacob & Kevin’s step-mom did. Her answer is fine as long as there was a tie in somewhere along the way!

    Once Kevin became the Smoke Monster, we were never given ANY information as to how the first encounter with Jacob went down now that he was the smoke monster! Did Kevin just show up and say, “Hey I’m Kevin, only now I’m evil incarnate and want to kill you!”? Give us something!

    Even their explanations don’t make sense. How is it that step mom made it so Jacob and Kevin couldn’t kill each other and yet that’s EXATLY WHAT JACOB DID TO KEVIN!!! He killed him by throwing him down into the light! Even step mom said it would be worse than death, but make no mistake, Kevin was dead! Note, smoke monster came out of the cave as smoke, not Kevin and Jacob found Kevin’s DEAD BODY lying on the rocks shortly thereafter and then laid it beside DEAD step mom! What the flip? Why can Jacob kill Kevin, but not the other way around?

    Also, did Jacob just assume smokey would take the form of Kevin? There’s never any info on how their relationship developed over time. It’s as if we’re left to assume this would be the natural outcome, smokey would take Kevin’s form and Jacob wouldn’t be the least bit surprised???? Come on!

    No, those complaining have a legit gripe! It’s fine to create character development, but don’t lead people along to think there’s more when you have no intention of explaining the mystery you as the writer created!

    The great writer William Faulkner once aptly said “There is nothing brilliant or clever about confusing your audience. That’s not art, that’s not good writing, that’s not mystery, that’s just plain dumb!”

  6. I do get your point Inquisitor – however basically nothing of what you mentioned
    was really explained

    Jacob was in fact mentioned as early as
    season 2 – where he was made out to be the
    Other’s real “Man behind the curtain”
    He’s referred to as a “great”, “brilliant”, and “magnificent” man
    even though nothing really points towards it – After mere moments of becoming the new Protector of the Light he goes completely against his Mothers wishes
    and does the very thing he’s not supposed to. He is the only reason for the Black Smoke, and because of his misstake many, many, many people have died needlessly.
    If he didn’t bring people to the Island
    there would be no threat to the Light, the World, nor himself.

    This briliant man had no plan whatsoever
    ans even Told this to the candiidates.

    Everything the Others did was in the name of Jacob.
    Yet we aren’t introduced to him until as late on as the end of season 5.

    We never see HOW the Black Smoke was created only when and by whom.
    I thought I understood and was somewhat pleased with “Across the Sea” until “the End” when the source is revealed to us and I now have no idea how an unconcious Nemesis ended up the Black Smoke.

    I thought the Light to be some “organic/magical/cosmical” thing in
    a river going through the cave and out the other side – where Nemesis/Jack ended up.

    Bear in mind – Nemesis is unconcious(and only God knows how he survived the huge drop down we now know it is)when he’s thrown into the cave – yet after mere moments the Black Smoke emerges.

    Can you please explain to me – in what way do we know How the Black Smoke was created..?

    Though I don’t believe it – I figured Nemesis must have somehow crawled(Really, really fast)into the pool – which is why I started yelling at Jack after putting the cork back – Get the F OUT OF THERE!

    And then we see him at the exact same spot Nemesis’ body washed up – furthering my fears – but NO! Jack is fine…..for some reason…..Tell me how..

    Yes, you’re right, we do get to see the source – and we find out right at the end of a 6 season journey that this is what it’s all about – the whole time..
    And not to forget – it turns out that inspite ALL the ridicilous amount of character-connections there was no bigger picture in that sense – in the end it came down to one of them putting a cork back in it’s place.

    Nothing really made him special, he didn’t
    do what any one of couldn’t – or wouldn’t
    do if someone threw in our face –

    “By the the time this fire goes out, one of you will have to take my place – or else, you, the world and everyone you ever cared for – will die…… what’ll it be? I’m already dead, I don’t care…tick, tock, tick, tock…”

    As Protector of the Light – marched there with Nemesis exactly how he wanted
    helped him in fact to destroy the Island.
    the reason things ended well is pure luck.
    Jack believed he had been wrong, snapped(as always)and started beating Nemesis – and to BOTH their suprise – he was bleeding(pure luck)
    And even greater luck(or rather purely silly)that Nemesis didn’t just stab Jack right away after hitting him with the rock – it wouldn’t have taken him more than 2 seconds to end Jack – but hey…

    Jack engages in yet another fight and loses again – he’s saved by Kate.
    He they says – I have to go back and undo what Desmond did – and fortunately it turns out it’s as simple as putting a litteral cork back.

    My point is – it ended well purely thanks to good luck and a fortunate chain of events. It was nothing special that none of us couldn’t or wouldn’t do – if faced with the same decision(End of the World – or give it a try)

    We don’t really get to see what happens when you pull the plug – sure the Island began to crumble – but in the end the Light would fade out and that was supposed to mean the end of the World – we don’t know how, or – or even what it is – other than Life Death and Rebirth – that a peice of the Light is in every man…

    How is that an answer to what it is..?
    I would have taken something like it’s a gateway of sorts – for all souls on earth to pass through – that way they could have also tap in to the whole Good and Evil/Black and White theme we’ve seen all this time.. In the End Nemesis/the Black Smoke seemed selfish and so – but not all that more than Jacob – and the initial “War” we heard so much about didn’t really seem like a war against “Evil Incarnate”

    As for the Frozen Wheel – really..? You found that to be an explanation..?
    No, we saw it become destroyed before even completed(We have no idea how one lone woman whiped out an entire village,
    filled up a well – not to mention dragging her son up from it)

    Now, the thing is – I didn’t mind the FSW so much being the Afterlife – if it weren’t for one thing – this rendered the entire time-traveling useless
    as the bomb did in fact not work at all For some unexplainable reason once again the Losties and the Losties Only(with Juliet and Miles of course) flashed through time – to right were/when they were supposed to)

    No, the reason why I’m upset is because they made Lost out to be something it never were – intelligent and clever..
    As far as character-development goes it’s an awesome show – but it turns out now – it’s not clever.

    They never really knew where they were going with the Island – but then you shouldn’t keep adding new mysteries every single episode. Not if you’re gonna claim later that it was always all about the characters..

    All about the characters..? Really..?
    So all the internet-stuff all the viral videos, ARG’s and what not(that had extremely little if anything to do with the characters)

    In the End(though I loved it for all the emotion)the FSW felt like time that they could have used differently.

    If they wanted to do a season differently
    why not have the last one take place solely
    on the Island…? They could have had Island Flashbacks explaining the most important parts(They only did Richard, Jacob and Nemesis – we could have gotten so much more)because, let’s face it and be honest – especially since everyone say it’s about character development – did anyone really “feel” anything for the characters in the FSW BEFORE they remembred anything..?
    I didn’t.. They weren’t the characters I had fallen in love with – it was basically(more or less) like going back to strangers.

    We had our real characters the way they were before the Island and how they had evolved after/during it.

    Then we have the FSW where everybody is like a hybrid of pre-and-post

    It isn’t until the very end that we get to reunite truly with the characters we love – and then only for a brief moment.

    I would have wanted more of our dear real characters if anything, yeat we didn’t.
    We were once again introduced to a bitter Locke without faith – that wasn’t what I wanted, because that’s not How he is..

    And the writers intentionally tricked us into thinking there was going to be Island-related stuff.

    Among the first things we get to see is the Island on the bottom of the Ocean(complete with Dharma Shark even though I don’t anyone ever really saw them – so I wonder how they’d explain it as the characters subconcious)

    And one question we never got any answer to is how the Hell Benjamin and his Father had been on the Island in the FSW – HOW, WHY and what happened to sink it..?

    I don’t want nor need ALL the answers – but let’s face it – Lost hasn’t provided many answers at all – too few to be honest.
    Are you seriously Telling me that you can swallow everything that happened before(everything Jacob either put the characters through himself, or allowed happen to them – when in the End it cam down to a simple – who wants the job..?)

    We used to say – there’s mystery-shows and then there’s Lost.
    Mystery-shows settle for a little at a time that they solve along the way..
    Lost just kept shoving “clues” and more Questions down our throat – always hinting at an answer right around the corner…but never.. Looking for an answer in Lost now feels like searching for the end of the rainbow…good luck to us all…

  7. its not that we wouldnt be happy with any answer inquisitor. its just that the answers they chose to give always lead to MANY more question. sometimes answers are complete. just because an episode in lost said answers always lead to more question doesnt make it true. they were trying to cover their own asses.

  8. Okay, so AngiveL presented most of what the answers were that the show provided, yet it slips right into what I was saying about a child asking, “But why? But why?” over and over and over again. To fit into any sort of manageable timeline for the show, the writers had to make the cut-off somewhere. Everyone was in an uproar when Flocke told Jack “Yes that was me” in reference to Christian’s appearance on the Island. “How can they just come right out and say that? It’s that simple, they’re just gonna TELL us what happened?” Honestly, you want two or three episodes a piece for each unsolved mystery? By the time we’re done, we’ll all be as old as Richard!

    Jacob never told Jack specifically what to do. It was Jack’s choice to go with Flocke and Desmond, and his choice to go back into the Source himself. Jacob never told him to do any of those things. JAck figured it out as he went along.

    Did you want a blueprint for the Frozen Wheel? Nemesis said it was about combining water and the light. How in the world is that not enough of an explanation? You want them to take an intermission and break to a physicist at MIT to explain how that might be possible?

    We don’t actually SEE Nemesis fall into the Source, all we see is him going in and Smokey coming out. We know Desmond is special and can handle electromagnetic energy like no one else. So it stands to reason that it was Nemesis’ encounter with this energy (the Source) that created Smokey. How is that not good enough? Granted, it may not be the answer you care for; maybe another explanation of how it happened at all would’ve been more interesting or made more sense. However, that is the answer they provided. Nemesis float into Source, Source electromagnetism bad unless you’re special, Smokey comes out. 1+1=2.

    So the Source is a light inside the Island, it comes out into a pool of water in the cave that is held in place by a big stone cork. Not good enough, we need to know who put it there, who built the room, when they did it, why they did it, bla bla bla. The questions will never end.

    This happened because of this.
    Why did this happen?
    Because before this happened, that happened.
    Well why did that happen?
    Because of this other thing.
    But what made this other thing happen?

    They threw a lot of mysteries out there, I know. In my opinion, they answered enough of them to a sufficient point. I don’t need an intstruction manual to a television show. Good writing, acting, directing, and music can give me a very enjoyable television experience; my imagination and curiosity can take me the rest of the way.

  9. Okk, you’re not really paying attention at all – are you..?

    First of all – Nemesis too was special.
    And what I don’t get his HOW he as – you say(what I initially believed when watching “Across the Sea”)floated into the
    light when we’re then shown it’s a huge drop down and then some distance to the pool.

    Nemesis was unconcious and made a huge drop – yet a moment later the Smoke emerges.
    So no, I really don’t feel they handled that very nicely – I wouldn’t write it as a Story-Teller, nor swallow it a reader/viewer.

    If they didn’t want to totally reveal the pool – they just could have had the camera
    in the “POV” of the Light – with Nemesis crawling toards it – and then CUT!

    Simple, wouldn’t ruin anything, and I would have been fine with that.

    Yet they made it seem as if he just floated through and underground river and came out the other side – something we now know could never have happened.

    As for Christian – Yeah, I was one of those who went: What the Hell..?

    Please explain Christians appearance to Michael on the freighter(Nemesis can’t move over water) and…why..?(Because of course Christian wasn’t initially supposed to be Nemesis.) Why would a selfish “Evil Incarnate” Black Smoke care about Michael(Moments before his death btw – so it’s not like he needed him)

    I believe this was supposed to be Michael’s redemption-scene – which is why he went back(Further emphasized by “Christians” You can go now Michael)
    He did the Island’s will and was therefore released – forgiven..

    Then at the last moment they throw in Michael to explain the whispers – silly..
    It was probably never meant to be “the Dead wandering the Island” that was just convenient..

    No, it’s as simple as that they had many ideas that they never knew what to make out of – the Whispers, the Black Smoke, the Others, Christian, just to name a few – and when they got close to the end they just made an answer to some of the previous mysteries with what they had at hand. Nemesis was Christian the whole time. he just changed cloathes because he felt like it(and he helped Jack because…he wanted to be nice before he kills him three years into the future)

    the Whispers could be explained with Hugos abillity to speak with the dead – which he obviously can do clear as day – so why not more friends – or kind stranger-ghosts have revealed themsleves to help more is beyond me(Among the whispers – Boone’s voice have been heard commenting Shannon – so why he hasn’t said hi to Hurley I can’t understand)The whispers weren’t supposed to be the dead(that was after all – everybodys first guess)but then we’ve heard less and less of them – and finally they threw us an answer – that doesn’t fit at all with what we’ve been previously shown/Told

    Ok, you can’t be serious with your comment about the Frozen Wheel – a blueprint is of course not what I want.

    But I am curious how come what was supposed to be an exit, moves certain people to certain places in time and back – exactly to “fit” the story.

    When “Christian” is with Locke down in the well – I have serious doubt the writers had in mind that He was Nemesis and that he was the one himself that built the Wheel.

    They had no plan and got desperate in the end, tying only a very few things together.
    Adam and Eve for instance felt silly(not that it turned out to be Nemesis and Mother) but because they wanted to emphasize – Look! We peiced something together! Are you blown away???
    (Btw rumour has it that it was initially supposed to be Rose and Bernard – which given Jack’s comment about their time of death – would have made much more sense
    but that everybody guessed it, and was therefore shut down)
    They even went as far as flashing back to when the Skeletons where found.

  10. First of all, i agree with AngiveL and disagree with Inquisitor at some points and agree at some other points.
    Writers keep going on saying that this show is about characters, their developments and interactions with each other. We can say that the characters are attractive, interesting and very deep. But i dont believe that we(or most of the fans)watched this show for this or writers wrote this story for this purpose. For example : they showed us the statue. What was the reason behind of this scene? I believed that the statue had a history (aliens,egyptians.. anything) which made “Lost” different from other TV shows. Because this kind of details make you feel that there is a huge story behind what you see. I felt that in Tolkiens books. But in “Lost” the statue has no role in the story, except Jacob residing sometimes in it. So after the final episode i keep asking myself why did they show us this kind of stuffs? For our example, they kept the attention and even got more attention during season 1 by the statue. They do not have an answer which is not cliche. I (or we) always believed, they have a more complicated story behind that kind of detail,which we would be told later, unfortunately they dont. They are just ordinary writers who know how to sell an ordinary story and made money by that kind of trickery. They did not have any answer either in the beginning nor at the end. They just put that kind of interesting but cliche stuff in every episode.
    I dont expect answers (scientific or not)for every questions, but while watching the final season, i always had a bad feeling.Did you feel that too? The reason could be that they ignored these mysteries and gave some cliche answers, like they did with whispering.. At that moment, i ( and most of the people) suspected that the end of the show would not be good as i expected.
    Anyway there are lots of contradiction in the story, some questions which are needed to be answered because they benefit from them. If they would have really good answers, they would give them so lots of fans would not be felt as they are deceived.
    Inquisitor, you said that with answers more questions would come. Writers gave lots of answers for questions, some of them satisfying (like they did with polar bear) however most of them were not hard to find out. After a satisfying answer, people would not ask anymore question about that mystery, and could let it go…
    In the end, i am not angry at the writers but me. This is a TV show which is made for rating and advertisement. I believed that what i were watching could be the best story ever told (until season 6). I am deceived and disturbed by the End, and my problem with it…

  11. Well, thank you AngiveL for doing all that posting so didn’t have to! I think he about says it all, also, I think its important to also emphasize what ekolocation said, it is possible to give satisfying answers, they chose not to.

    It was a very ambitious show they were running, building mystery on mystery, and yes, it would have taken a lot of work to tie it all together in an intelligent way that made sense, but that’s what I was expecting! I refused to believe that they were just throwing seemingly random mysteries into the show without thinking about how to fit them all into the story, but that seems to be the way they did it.
    Ah well, it was a heck of a ride.

  12. @Chris63084, it WAS a heck of a ride and a damn good show! I thought last night as I was driving home from work that this site exists entirely because of people’s obsessive thought-process about the show and mainly about the mysteries/mythology. “theories-on-lost” will most certainly draw in people wanting to discuss the mythology rather than characters.

    That said, I respect anyone’s opinion that the End fell short of their expectations. I walked away with a great sense of satisfaction and hope that maybe some other people will adopt a bit of my perspective on why it was successful (or NOT UNsuccessful) so that they too may walk away satisfied with a show that all of us have come to love at some point in time.

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