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Well, there we have it, the end has come. Did we get the answers we wanted? No. Are we left with questions? Yes. Will any of it be resolved, most likely not. But that’s how life is to begin with. Personally, I liked how Lost ended. It wasn’t a perfect ending and left a lot of us wanting more but it still taught us things also. I feel that a lot of people are getting bogged down by the details and forgetting that what the journey and what you get from it are more important than the actuall destination or goal.

One of my earliest posts on this site concerned the possibilitie that Lost would end in a similar way that the last episode of The Prisoner, “Fallout,” ended. On the surface the questions and mysteries were not answered but upon further reflection “Fallout” kept true to the core ideas of The Prisoner and indeed did answer the fans questions, just not in the way they wanted. I feel that Lost has done something similar, we need look inside of ourselves to discover the meaning and the answers.

I will use the rules of the Island as an example. The Island has only one rule and that is that its protector decides what the rules the Island and its inhabitants will operate under. This was said, though not as directly, several times during “Across the Sea” and “The End.” It was stated by Mother when she told Jacob and Brother that she made it so that they would never kill each other. Brother told Jacob that one day he may be incharge and could make the rules. And finally when Hurley stated to Ben that they wouldn’t be able to get Desmond home because no one could leave the Island, ben reminded Hurley that that was how Jacob ran things. So the protector makes the rules.And this may explain the pregnancy issues. He stated to Kate that her name was crossed out because she became a mother. Jacob may have simply made a rule at some point that mothers could not be canidates and the Island powers inhibited pregnancies.

Is that a perfect explaination, admittedly no. But the point is that it’s up to you to find the meaning in things. Examine yourself. Find yourself. And you will no longer be lost.

Now, to the parts of The End that I really enjoyed. I really liked that of all the people it is Hurley and Ben that are left to tend to the Island. And Ben turns out to be human after all. He’s learned from his mistakes and set out to atone for them, why else would he be eligible to go into the church with the rest of them? I also liked how the cycle completed. Hurley was one of the first people Jack encountered in the first episode and Hurley was one of the last people he talked to in the end. Vincent was the first survivor he actually saw and was the last he saw when he died.

When all things are said and done, I am at peace with Lost.

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Lungbarrow, Achalli Number516644 Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconcieved notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing. - T.H. Huxley

24 thoughts on “Fallout To The End

  1. Achalli, I’m glad you and a few other are at peace. I suppose I can see how it’s possible. “The End” was truly a great episode by itself. There are so many people that just wont let go of how little (if anything at all) we were shown about the island though. I’m one of them. The purposes of some of the larger parts of the plot were never once even touched upon.

    The lack of purpose of so many things is what confuses me personally. I could say “I guess that’s just how it goes”, but it doesn’t magically make me less curious as to what the purpose of the island ever was.

    You’re right about the rules. But does that mean that the island is nothing but a gameboard, just waiting for someone to start playing? That’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about. As of now, the island looks like nothing more than a place to play a game. That’s retarded if I do say so myself…..

    I need to get off this site. My opinion of this show gets worse by the day. The writers should have done more. Great ending episode. Terrible way to close it off though.

  2. I know what you mean, Chief… The more I think about it the more I dislike it.

    Sure, you can say that we’ll see later that we got our answers… or at least that we got enough information to piece them together… that’s pretty optimistic though. I don’t think we did. There are still big missing pieces. We’ve been theorizing about this show and going over all the evidence for a while now, if we really had enough information to find the answers then I think we’d be seeing better theories by now. We’d have something more broad, explaining larger chunks of the story… I’d probably be able to explain what I’m thinking better than I’m doing right now.

    The character development was awesome and the resolution the characters came to was great but there was soooo much other stuff we were shown over the course of six seasons… most of that other stuff was just forgotten in the end. It may not be a big deal to some people but hey, I was watching that! Somebody turned it off before it was over!

  3. Good point Highbrow – If these mysteries were ever meant to be pieced together, if anything within this show was ever written to have a purpose relating to other plot points, someone would have figured them out by now. Something tells me that everything was just symbolism relating to something that no one is ever going to notice or care about.

  4. Yeah, probably. What’s up with the cabin? What was the DI up to at the Orchid? The Swan? What’s up with Desmond’s flashes? How is Aaron special? Walt? Why were the Others taking children? Libby: What’s her deal?

    The answer is: Jack spends eternity in the afterlife with Kate and Sawyer ends up with Juliet.

  5. Chief, Highbrow, as always thanks for your comments. I understand how both of you feel and you have very valid points.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that although I too would like to have gotten answers to all those questions, I don’t have a need for the answers. That’s how I feel.

    Highbrow, I want to thank you for challenging me way back when I did the post about how I kept time travel from confusing me. That led me to research into a lot of interesting topics, particularly quantum suicide. Thanks for the challenge.

    Chief, thanks for bringing a unique style and view to the site. It took a little getting useful and you’ve added to the experience of the site.

  6. Thanks Achalli, your deeper minded posts were always fun (and challenging) to read. Challenging in the sense that I really needed to open my mind a bit to understand your view. Which is a great thing.

    Glad you’re able to move on from the show unlike myself. I just hated spending so much time with something that was never going to get an explanation to begin with.

    But I promise to watch The Prisoner someday, as I hear nothing but good things about it.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with you guys (Chief and Highbrow). I really, really wanted to like this finale. I had a bunch of people over and they all hated it and I was reluctant to say the same. I watched it again….and I was, in a word, disgusted. Five+ years of mysteries with basically no resolution to any of them…which begs the question WHY? Well because the mystery draws us all in, that’s why. What is the relevance to “the numbers”? Why can’t anyone get pregnant? Etc, etc.
    Personally, I had a bad gut feeling that this going to “END” poorly when Jacob told Kate by the campfire that “it’s just a chalk line in a cave” with regards to the candidates and the numbers.
    Really??? That’s it??? Poof! After alomost 6 years of lottery tickets, Des punching the #’s into a computer every 108 minutes, the 6 remaining candidates all being correlated to one of the numbers, the weirdness of Kate being crossed off in the cave but not the lighthouse…..and then we get “eh, not for nothin’, but those numbers don’t mean Jack”.
    Yeah, Achalli, I liked the ending, per se, as an entity unto itself. But I HAD TO HAVE more to fill in the gaping holes in this story. It now feels like we just got the world’s longest lapdance all while wearing sandpaper underwear.
    Not cool.

  8. Some of you probably saw the spectacle where the actor who plays Hurley stood in an audience and asked the writers whether they would give us all the answers, and they asked that they would answer the important questions. Hurley clarified that he wanted to know what happened to Shannon’s inhaler, and everyone laughed. How ironic that pretty much the only thing that we got a real answer to in the last season was what happened to Shannon’s inhaler (it was found by Hurley lying outside the cave).

  9. Boogah11, thanks for taking the time to comment. All I can say is that I can let go of it and move on. It’s not the first series that didn’t end the way I expected or wanted and it won’t be the last.

  10. I’m stealing that sandpaper underwear bit…

    Achalli, that’s just the thing… there’s nothing left to challenge us. You might say “yeah, of course… the show’s over!” but that’s not consistent with what once was the promise of Lost. There was the show and then there was the theories, discussions, debates, speculation… there should have been more of it. That’s what was going to make the show go on. But the pieces we have are the ones we’ve had for a year now since nothing new came out this season. So yeah, the show’s over and that’s the sad part.

    I’m going to work on an over-all theory of Lost, beginning to end and I already know what the problem is going to be… There will be just too much speculation. I’m going to be filling in large parts of it with crap I’m just totally making up because now, with the way the show ended, that’s all we’ve got.

    That’s was upsets me about the end. That and the fact that they roped me and others in with a science fiction show to get people to watch (so they could sell advertising time) then replaced that at the last minute with a soap opera.

  11. @ Highbrow-“that’s just the thing… there’s nothing left to challenge us.”
    I have to disagree, It’s just the opposite. I think if we had gotten solid answers we would have nothing left to speculate on or theorize about. Although it’s frustrating that we never got a ‘yes or no answer’ to most of our questions, if we did, we’d have nothing left to talk about. What could they have possibly done that would have been better than some of the various theories that people came up with themselves?
    I have to say, I was originally very disappointed that there was no revelation that made me want to rewatch the series. I’m also less likely to recommend lost to any scifi or fantasy fans. However, the more it sinks in, the more I think this was the best possible ending for lost.
    This also helped me appreciate the finale a little more:

  12. I’m not asking for all the answers… just clues. I don’t feel like we have enough to go on… anything we come up with is going to be more like fan fiction than theorizing because the gaps are just too big.

  13. highbrow, exactly..just clues.. For me, it’s not about getting all the answers, it’s about bringing the conflicts of the story of Lost to resolution, by using the elements that were already painstakingly developed throughout the story..The story of Lost was developing very well, and it was NOT heading toward purgatory.

  14. i agree with the people that know i agree with them. i liked the final episode in of itself, but SO much was left blowing in the wind.

    its good to leave some things open, but the writers are kidding themselves if they thought the audience cared about characters only. they used the mysteries to hook us into the show, and we followed, happily theorizing hoping to get answers or at least strong notions one day.

    but it WAS just a show about characters, and the mysteries were just stupid gimmicks to hook us into the show. I feel cheated. I enjoyed watching lost but … heres an analogy.

    Lets say you are unemployed. So your uncle offers you a job for the summer, saying he will pay you very well at the end. So you do all these jobs for him, chores, work etc. but you have a pretty good time with him. then when the end comes, he tells you that he isn’t paying you in money. What you learned while you worked is the payment, and money isn’t really important.

    That is exactly how I feel about lost. Misled. Miffed. They KIND OF have a point, but its a stupid point.

  15. oh and to add on to the analogy, he doesn’t pay you because he doesnt have the money, just like the writers didnt have the answers. they just pretended like they did. the uncle gets this work done for free. the writers get a strong following and thus revenue.

  16. A point made by my son:

    If it’s only about the characters and not the plot please consider this:

    In season 1 early on when Charlie, Kate, Sayid are plodding up the mountain in search of the source of the radio transmition. Sayid finally discovers it is a message repeating itself for 16years. What does Charlie say? “Guys, where are we?”

    That was a defining moment and led us to believe we would actually get some answers! Did anyone at that point think to themselves, “This is a really cool show because I want to know how Charlie became a drug addict and his struggle to overcome it and win the love of Claire!”? NO! We were ALL drawn in by his question as to where the flip they were and why that was important.

    Sorry, but no real answers were given. Just a sappy excuse given to us by the writers that never intended to answer any real mystery in a significant way. They used mystery ONLY b/c they knew the sappy character development angle would NEVER keep people watching the show!

    To the writers and those who defend this lame excuse for an ending: PLEASE!

  17. appledouble – those words by Charlie at the end of The Pilot were what really got me hooked into this show, and I got chills everytime I’d watch that episode.

    Now I know how it ends, I don’t think I’d get the same feeling anymore.

  18. Yeah, that was the first time they basically said “there is some kind of huge mystery going on and you should totally stick around week after week, year after year, because the reveal at the end is going to be epic!”

    That was a lie. That was all about selling 30 second advertising spots for $900,000 on Sunday Night.

  19. I thought the target ads were clever, too! But about the ending…it was anticlimactic…and, sorry guys, but useless! I understand if the writers did not have time to go into details about the temple, healing water, dharma initiative, etc…but at least tell us the stupid purpose of the island!!! Tell us the purpose of the light!! The light was not mentioned anywhere before in any season, and I felt like the writers just threw it in last minute, just like the stupid lighthouse.

    Even if they didn’t GIVE US any answers, don’t have everyone in the FSW be DEAD?!?!?! WTF! How are they DEAD? Jack had a son? Claire gave birth… so…dead people now are able to lead lives after death!?!? What!? This made no sense. They were all dead (those of them that met in the church)..then why was Aaron there? He died as a baby? God fml. I’m so angry I can’t form an argument.

    My point sucked because we got no answers, and then it double sucked because they tried to feed up bs about everyone in the FSW being dead. wow, waste of a season!

  20. Achalli, this is a great post.

    But you are wrong about one thing, the example/explanation you gave about the rules was perfect.
    No “…”, it was perfect period.

    Ive said it before, and Ill say it again…I love your line of thinking and theories.

    I completely agree with your thoughts on the show, and agree that you have been saying this was going to happen for a while…good call.

    I think it was obvious towards the end, but people were still looking so it had to be said.

    Great post, great episode, great show…

  21. Monini, I fully agree except for one thing: the Light was actually introduced early on in the series. I guess we have to assume that it was the Light is the same “bright light” that Locke was talking about when Eko thought he was talking about the Monster.

  22. Well, to start with, Great Post!

    Secondly, Locke didn’t see the bright light early on, he saw the smoke monster – they said so in the show leading up to the finale.

    Finally, I feel sorry for you guys. I started reading this site not too long ago, I used to read Dark UFO then they blocked it at work. I loved all your posts and comments and I’m very disappointed reading this stuff now.

    The whole show was not leading up to Purgatory, that was just a way to give closure and show the characters we all loved one last time.

    The whole show was leading up to Jack stopping the Smoke Monster (which we were introduced to right away) and protecting the light/Island. The show was about Jack’s journey and him fulfilling his destiny. The crazy stuff around them was put there to confuse us and them to make us all Lost. This is why right away they put together games and websites and ways for the people who want to know more could know more. They never tell us in the show that the numbers are the Valenzetti Equation and they only mention Hanso and the DeGroots briefly in the show but we all know about them.

    I thought they did a great job ending an amazing show that changed television and what can be done in that medium. I think some of you are confusing your feelings of disappointment that the show is over with feelings of disappointment with the closure we did or did not receive.

    I hope to see all of you on the Happy Town theory sites.

  23. Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to comment. As I said before I appreciate your view and feelings about the ending. At this point in my life the way I view things in life has been shaped by several novels and the ideas and philosophies they led me to. I not only utilized those ideas for theories, I also viewed the show in those contexts. And those ideas influence my thinking on a lot of things. Its because of those ideas that I am able to accept the End, find meaning in it, and move on.

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