The Simple Truth

Ok so in my honest opinion the only thing that the finalie answered was the flash sideways in season six. Did the writers just forget about the other five seasons cos it seems that way. Not one question answered about what the island is, not one question answered of its original history or the people that built it. not one question answered about what darmha actully was or how it got there. Then theres all that crap that we saw time and time again with still no answered questions the only thing the finalie showed us was jack dieing, so big filping deal.
When it comes to the crunch all that the writers have shown us is that all the critics were right, they were making it up as they went along. Raising questions is easy to do when theres never going to be an answer. The writers let every lost fan and viewer down big time. After six years what a dissapointment. All it was for was for jack to die in the same place he woke up in the first place. Then they try and make a big deal about sawyer, miles ect getting off the island in a plane, all been done before with slighty different people in a flippin helicopter so no big deal there either.
Writers of lost you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!.

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  1. Okay, I’ve spent a good deal of time today responding to other posts like this one, and I’ll do it again here.

    No matter what answers or explanations they provided to you or could have provided, it would never be enough to satisfy you. They did give answers to a lot of things but you, like a lot of other soured Lost fans, want more and more.

    They mentioned Jacob at least a dozen times in S3-S4-S5, and they finally show you who he is at the end of S5 and practically make him a series regular in S6. Good enough? No. So they showed you his birth, his upbringing, his relationship with his brother, and how he became protector of the Island. Good enough? Nope. They showed you how the Smoke Monster is his brother. Any questions about him that have been raised over time? Well, they told you who he was, when and where and how he was created. Good enough yet? Nope. They showed you that he was the one who built the frozen wheel, told you why he built it, and explained basically how it worked. They showed us why Desmond is so special. They showed the inside of the Source-cave, the stone-cork, what happens when you remove it and what happens when you put it back in. Good yet? Not even close.

    They explained Christian’s appearances throughout the series. They told us whether or not Locke was really “dead” and if he was going to return to the Island or not. They explained what the Candidates were, the Rules, and where the numbers came from. They showed us how and when Richard got to the Island, where he came from, and how he became ageless.

    They’ve answered a TON of stuff. If the explanation wasn’t to your liking then, oh well. Good thing they weren’t writing based entirely around your personal opinions and expectations of the show. They gave sufficient reasons to many of the mysteries and questions, and on every single issue they are met with whiners who want the reason behind the reason. And if they supplied you with the back-story to the back-story, you’d ask for the origin of that, too. And once they got done with that, you’d want the purpose for the origin. And the logic to the purpose. And the science of the logic, and the explanation of the science. I mean, come on. Do they really have to sit you down like you’re in preschool and show you a picture book that covers the story and leaves no room for speculation or imagination? Or maybe they should’ve done the opposite and made it like a college textbook, with a full and complete explanation behind every single tiny little portion of the story, so detailed and devoid of any mystery that it would take until 2024 to finish telling the story.

    If you were along for the Lost ride for the answers alone, you chose to waste your own time. They didn’t do anything to you, you were the one who turned on the television each and every week. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t more people, at least on this site, who felt good about The End and the series as a whole and actually walked away from the finale with a sense of satisfaction and closure. I mean, that’s the main reason I watch television to begin with, to be satisfied. If I wanted straight, formalized, concrete answers to things, I’ll watch the news or visit the non-fiction section of the library.

  2. Well put Inquisitor!

    If one doesn’t feel satisfied even after watching The End the second time, then these people have missed the show’s message entirely. LOST ia about making us think and wonder and debate and disect. That is the brilliance and beauty of the writing, the music, the concept. Who cares when they died, or what the island was, or who Jacob and MIB were. It doesn’t matter! They are all dead! Can’t you see the writer’s are urging us to our imagination! Open your mind and let the answers fall into place.

  3. Man, the Finale defenders are a feisty bunch these days. I really liked what they did for the finale itself…I really did. But come on…seriously…I guess some of the Lost fans really did turn in for the human drama every week rather than the (once) compelling mysteries that came about nearly every week. With all the to-do about pregnancy, kidnapping of kids, “special”ness, etc, we got very little in the way of anything with regards to the very things that kept us coming back week after week. I could give 50 other examples too….and I don’t mean that I need to know WHY a polar bear was on the island.

    How about Ilana? Is taht really all we get to know about her? We were given this incredibly mysterious chick who was apparently Jacob’s ace-in-the hole. She lives off-island and apparently got lit on fire, or something cuz she’s covered in gauze. Then she exits stage left like some red-coat extra who never had any real role in the show.

    But I digress. Cool concept to the ending. The writers really left us high and dry with too much mystery.

  4. To say we want more is to say we liked the ending.

    I guess alot of people are misinterpreting our dissapointment and think it’s just because we didn’t get all the answers, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    The thing that’s dissapointing is the fact that The End had no meaning. It didn’t have any resolution to what we’ve seen from Seasons 1-5.

    This whole afterlife was only introduced to us in Season 6 which was just another “mystery”. At least that was resolved, but at what cost? They wasted an entire season bringing in this new story arc when they could’ve focused more on the other 123243+ mysteries that were yet to be solved.

    I’m not saying I wanted all the answers, I’d have been quite happy for still some mystery surrounding the show as long as the ending gave those mysteries a meaning, a purpose.

    Now all we see is an afterlife that was only introduced in the final season, and what was the point of it? They died, they didn’t remember their real life, but when they did it was time to “move on”. The End had nothing at all to do with anything.

  5. like someone stated in another post which i comepletely agree is u still could have kept the charecter concept with all the emotional stuff going in season six but u could have put it as island flashbacks. this was a cop out cause they had no more ideas. seasons 1-5 are meaning less and i do not even feel the need to go back and watch them again cause it all ends in purgatory as the main goal of the writers. what am i interested in the cabin or the light or anything else now cause it all ends in purgatory and some cheesy on island antics. couldnt think of a better way to kill smokie? why didnt jack turn into smokey? bullshit they dont even know what they were writing. and i am not one to need answers i wanted more mystery to stay true to the way lost was. sell outs

  6. I think it is unfair to say we will never be satisfied. I think that the writers made the show too character-centric when all our questions were about the plot all along and not the individual characters… The island is a mysterious and fantastic place..the people who crash there…dime a dozen. I think those of us who aren’t happy with the ending WOULD be if we had a better understanding of the purpose of the light and island. That simple. As for who is Jack’s wife in the FSW, or how Desmond got everyone to remember – all pretty stupid considering they are dead anyway.

  7. Spot on, Emzi and Monini!

    And somewhat less articulate, I’d like to add that the answers we got were to a large extent not answers at all.

    One of the big questions is “what is the Island?”. Are we supposed to be happy with the answer that the Island is like a cork in a bottle? Come on!!!!!!

  8. I haven’t posted anything since like Season 3 about Adam and Eve… but I do check this site every now and then and I’ve read a majority of the posts since the finale. While I may not have a well established reputation around here I still wanted to throw out my opinion on everyone who keeps saying we don’t know what the island is. There were several times throughout the course of season 6 that the island was defined as the “source of life” I remember hearing this two or three times, specifically from “Mother”. Therefore don’t we know what the island is? It is the source of life on Earth. If the island was destroyed life, as it is known, would end and Smokie/MIB could leave. That is why in the FSW, with the island sunk, everyone was dead. I understand that it would be nice to know how the island got it’s special properties and how the light worked but like Inquisitor said above the more answers you get the more questions you can ask. Anyways thats my 2cents. Namaste.

  9. I read this site regularly, but I just got an account because of all the talk of the finale. I’m sorry, but you DO realize what kind of site this is, right? This isn’t the “Lost Character Development” site. This is a Lost Theories website.

    This is a site specifically tailored to a show that led viewers to make guesses based on the mysteries put forth. If the show was simply about the characters, we would all be fine.

    Lost writers build up a scientific aspect of the show, from the dharma experiments, to Dan Faraday. It felt very much like they were going in one direction for 5 seasons, and then this past season just changed course completely, and didn’t bother at all. It went from an unusual electromagnetic trend to “magic water and light”. I mean, really?

    All in all though, the finale gave good emotional closure, but very, very bad intellectual closure.

  10. One more thing, I completely disagree with the whole “Well you’d just never be satisfied with the answer”.

    That’s the beauty of the scientific aspect, rather than “Magic island” aspect. If Daniel Faraday just showed Jack some nifty graphs he sketched, and explain WHAT the unique properties the island had, rather than just “It has them” it would leave people a whole lot less confused, and much more satisfied.

    Quite honestly, it’s the writers fault they dug themselves into a hole where they couldn’t explain things away. That just shows me they had no idea where they were going.

  11. I have to agree with you on this.

    Although I thought the series as a whole was great and kept me watching. You can’t just turn around and call the show a character study. Every episode sets up questions and mysteries. A mystery is something that draws viewers. Without the mysteries, I’m not so sure Lost would have been such a success. The resolution is a cop out.

    I mean ‘rules’ without an explanation, why there are dead people hanging out etc. The writers made a mess of this and season 6 shows how badly thought out it was. Almost a complete turnaround, they could have put a hippo in a miniskirt and had it dance with Locke, it would have made as much sense.

    The characters on the show follow a set of rules. But we are never even told what they are. This gives Lost license to do anything it wants without any logical reason.

    An alternative, ie The Matrix, where Colonel Sanders lives in a room full of TV’s, then goes on to explain everything. This would have been worse. Yet, there were many characters on the show who seemed to ‘know’ what was going on. Leaking this information over the entire season would have worked well.

    It seems pretty stupid to me to end the series with a glowing hole that has no explanation other than, it is the source of life. Come on. Are we as the viewer meant to have the same ‘faith’ that Jack has and accept this. Really?

    Is the journey of lost really one of science -> faith. Where we want a scientific logical explanation, but they dump this baloney neo-religious rubbish on us and tell us to ‘believe’. Come on.

    Why treat your audience like a little kid that asks ‘why?’
    I understand this is an American show, but really? Why is the sky blue? Because it is. This is not a sufficient answer. Sure tell your 4 year old that it is blue ‘just because’. But Lost viewers have got developed brains. We want the answers. We want to be told the sky is blue due to the refraction of sunlight off the atmosphere.

    Finally, please don’t defend this show by quoting Carlton Cuse. ‘Every question leads to another question.’ Hoogenbosch. Questions are raised because they have answers. It makes us human to be curious and want an answer. If we believed everything we were told ‘because it is’ and didn’t ask questions, we all might as well all go join Heaven’s Gate and kill ourselves waiting for aliens to turn up.

  12. The island is like a cork, It is a very special island because it has unique electromagnetic properties. There is an evil on the island that if not contained will spread all over the world! The island’s name could possibly be ‘Alba’ as Ben teaches a group of students about an island called ‘Alba’ in his afterlife. In the islands original history ancient egyptians inhabited the island, they built a statue and drew lots of heiroglyphics possibly representative of their religous or superstitous beliefs. Jacob and his brother were born on the island, but their mother was killed by the then protector of the light, she chose Jacob to be the next protector. The Dharma initiative were a group of hippy scientists that came to the island in the 1970’s to conduct experiments on the islands unique electromagnetic properties, they came to the island using a submarine.

  13. all this cork in a bottle crap is wearing thin, i dont remember an episode where it was said that the island was a corked bottle, i agree with elstevebo and losttime on this the writers dug a hole with no idea how to get out, so many things not explained like john locked walking after the crash, the women who cannot get pregnant, why sayed wasnraised from the dead, the waterpool . All stuff we wanted to know about the island, like i said before (and dont get me wrong cos i really liked the final episode) all the finalie explained was the flash sideways, thats it plain and simple. All it needed was when jabob was sitting round the fire to say: You know what, this is what the island is, its was made by….., the writers even lead us on even more with richard alpert saying that jabob told him what the island was before he died.
    I mean we dont even know that jack died at the end really do we. so ok he got stabed and was bleeding but what about the dude with the eye patch he had more lifes than a cat!
    i think for people to say that you only watched lost for the people in then you missed the point of lost completley and as it seems so did the writers.

  14. Let’s pretend that the characters are really all that mattered on this show. Let’s pretend it’s like Grey’s Anatomy without the cheese.

    We would have all quit watching LOST at one point or another due to lack of trust in almost ANY of the characters. Their personalities all sucked anyway for the most part……..

    Jack – A very safety oriented guy. Arrogant at times. Likes to boss people around on occasion (without realizing it). Aside from Hurley, he’s the only one wroth trusting in this entire show.

    Hurley – I’ll admit, everyone likes this jolly fella.

    Kate – Can’t trust a word she says. No sense of humor. She’s more fickle than anyone you know. Don’t even pretend you like Kate.

    Sawyer – Can’t trust a word he says. If karma’s so important on the island, he would’ve died regardless of the rules back in season one. He’s also the only reason many women ever watched this show to begin with. Sad.

    Jin – He meant well. Bland personality though. (Just like almost everyone else)

    Locke – The only person I ever looked forward to listening to. He was smart and had a sixth sense that was in tuned with the island.

    Rose – She had quite the attitude if I do say so myself.

    Sun – Also untrustworthy

    Ben – Extremely untrustworthy

    Juliette – Extremely untrustworthy

    Widmore – Extremely untrustworthy

    Miles – asshole

    Lapidus – smartass

    How the hell was this show about the characters? Who the hell LIKED it for the characters?

    This show was about mystery. I see no other way around it.

  15. ….And Charlie was damn annoying. Sayid was actually likable, as was Claire. Claire was boring though. Sayid would murder you unless he felt bad for ya. Yeah, I just LOVED this show for the characters. Thanks for giving us such a spectacular group of characters to care about, writers.

  16. what i meant was everyone saying it was about the people that was laughable. I fell in love with lost cos of all the mysteries sadly mysteries that never got answered.

  17. If it was all about the mystery it would have been a pure sci-fi show and would not have been able to air on ABC primetime for 6 years. If it were not about characters, then half of each episode for the first 4 seasons would not have been devoted to flashbacks and flash-forwards to render a more complete portrait of each individual, their struggles throughout their lives, and the people they’ve encountered. The vast majority of all flashbacks and flash-forwards showed the characters completely removed from the Island, most before they even got there or had anything to do with it. It was about character development because characters were the focus.

    I too was driven mostly by the mythology and wondering about the mysteries of the Island. Think about it realistically though. ABC execs are not going to pay Darlton millions to produce a Sci-Fi Channel caliber show without a dramatic aspect to it, something that makes it more suitable, and thus profitable, for network primetime television.

  18. I doubt Lost would be the success it is today if it weren’t for the mysteries that kept people guessing.

    Make it a show about a bunch of people stranded on an island WITHOUT the mysteries, I wonder how many would have been really interested.

    Sure, the characters were interesting to watch, but without the mysteries I doubt the show would have carried itself just on the characters.

    The mysteries were what made this show and Season 6 just neglected that.

    I have friends who stopped watching Lost after the Season 3 finale because they were fed up with getting more questions than answers. Now for me, the fact that we got more questions kept me intrigued and wanting to know more about this mysterious island. But it didn’t work for them, and they had no interest in finding out what happened to the characters in the end, they just wanted to know what it all meant.

    Season 6 started off forgetting about everything else that had happened, and focused on working it’s way to an end that makes seasons 1-5 feel redundant.

    If they knew where they were headed all this time why bother introducing us to all those mysteries? Because they knew the mysteries would keep people watching. Hence this show was more sci-fi orientated than anything else.

    As I’ve said before, I wasn’t interested in getting all the answers, but I was interested in getting a finale that gave the island and its mysteries a purpose. That’s not what The End did for me.

  19. I think it works both ways, emzi.

    The show wouldn’t have gone as far if it had the characters without the mythology. It also wouldn’t have gone as far if it had the mythology without the characters.

  20. emzi i feel the same as you, sesons 1-5 were pretty much redundant. i feel we were all strung allong to belive that at the end of it all our reward for being a loyal viewer would be some answers, and even the writers were aware of people getting frustrated, thats why we started to get some answers from season 5 onward. Looking back on it now all the mysteries they put in the show were just reference points to go to if further on in the show they needed to. There was never any plan whatsoever i mean even juggernought going off was fogotten about never to be mentioned again.
    The freighter and everyone on it was Pointless, they came for ben and that was a whole season of pointless tv. from the moment we saw ben linus we were all made to belive he knew the score. season 5 onward he was made to look like jacobs weak bitch following orders with no question of why.
    Then we move on to all the other long forgotten crap, John lockes dad turning up on the black rock – Never explained,
    the main purpose of all the stations and the oriantation vids – Half explained.
    Jacob in the Cabin,
    I mean in season 3 we were even lead to belive Juilet knew the score, she went for zero to hero quicker than hugo eating a twinkie.
    at the end of it all some maybe satisfied but me personaly i feel cheated!

  21. Okay, obviously every show needs character development. Lost had that as well as every drama on television. Every show also needs to find ways to keep viewers coming back. Here’s where Lost succeeded.

    I never once thought “Oh my God, I wonder if Jack and Kate get together next week.” and I doubt many ever did. That includes the ladies. I know that’s not the type of show they were going for…..But wait! If that’s not the type of show they were going for, then what’s all this “All about the characters” nonsense?

    They could have thrown ANY group of personalities on the island from the beginning, and I bet they’d get around the same amount of viewers every week (assuming the acting was as good as it actually was).

    The mysteries are what set this show apart from the rest OBVIOUSLY. This is why people watched it. Why is this an argument?

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