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Wowzers, I am a little surprised at amount of unsatisfied Losties out there. How soon we turn our backs and lift our noses to a show that has been the source of so much creativity and general coolness. I have read numerous posts with viewers blaming the writters, blaming the network, balming this blaming that…the only one to blame my friends is yourself and your complete lack of imagination. That wasn’t meant as an insult…it was meant to make you let go, brutha. Through out the course of 6 seasons we got our answers and we got our closure but some don’t seem prepared or even able to accept it. What was the Smoke Monster, they cry. Well, we are told by Mother that whats lay in the cave was a fate worse than death, a curse you may say, and that is what it truly was…there is your answer….oh but you want more? You want a 3 page essay on the Smoke Monsters origins, what it is, why it is? Why not decide that for yourselves? We are so quick to use our imaginatons to write theories and so on but what we cant create our own answers about anything else. The same applies for the fates of Ben and Hurly on the island. We don’t get to see that part but god knows my imagination has created a whole hurly/ben story. Who is to say I’m wrong. The best part about lost is that it made us think…why stop now people?

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I love LOST....I love lamp...I love chair...but seriously, I think the reason I enjoy this shows, on OH so many levels, is because it is one of the few shows on tv that reallys make you think. There aren't too many shows like that left on tv anymore and sadly we will soon lose another. I'm a philosophically-minded person by nature, always questioning the why's and how's of any given situation. I love the idea of a good paradox and the irony of destiny. I also adore comics books. Can't get enough of them. Since I was 11 they have been my drug of choice. I love overdoesing on old issues of Frank Miller's Dark Knight or Bendis's Ultimate Spiderman. Did I mention Star Wars? I can't say enough how much I love that galaxy far far away. Fanboy says it best. Yes folks, I am a nerd to the nth degree, a dweeb of Chewbaccian proportions...AND I LOVE CHAIR!!!...I mean LOST...

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  1. We didn’t turn our back on them, they turned their backs on us just after giving us the finger!

    Why create mysteries if you’re not going to give us reasonable explanations? You say that MIB turned into Smokey because he floated into the cave and going into the cave is a “fate worse than death” — so why was it that Desmond and Jack could enter? Weren’t Hurley and Ben still in the cave as well when Jack turned the light back on? And nothing happened to them. And why did Smokey become evil – he was just a man who wanted off the island.

    I don’t think it’s wrong of us to want more. We dedicated a good chunk of our lives to this show, and all that we asked for in return were answers to the questions the writers created.

    I think the ending was beautiful. They could have still had that ending and given us the answers as well. But all they did was create more questions in the final season instead of answering them.

    Yeah, we can all come up with our own theories — and that’s actually what we’ve been doing for 6 years. That’s why there are sites like this. But after 6 years of theorizing, we were ready for answers, and that’s not what we got.

  2. Ryan, when you’ve spent countless hours thinking and theorizing (like myself, I’m a loser) about the many mysteries of this show, and then realize that there was never a reason to do such a thing, you’d be pleasantly pissed too.

    We’ll all let go at some point. It doesn’t mean I’ll all the sudden accept the lack of information about the island, or anything else.

    Like krystyne20 mentions, I truly feel like the writers totally didn’t care for the hardcore fans. Even the way Smokie died was about as un-epic as something could be. So Smokie dies, yet Hurley still needs to protect the island? I’m sorry Ryan, it was bad.

  3. Funny I didn’t know donkeys “puled” I thought they “brayed”. 🙂

    But seriously, when Orson Welles made Citizen Kane he had the decency of wrapping up not only the great question he poses at the film’s begining, namely “Who or what was Rosebud”.

    When the writers of “Six Feet Under” wrapped up their series after 5 seasons they did it brilliantly in a ten minute montage. In ten minutes they answered any and all questions we may have had about the fate of the characters and the themes of the show, And they surprised me and took my breath away doing it..

    Back in the 1970s (!) “Rich Man poor Man” (both mini-series) ended beautifully. And yes Book II ended the same way Lost did, with the hero closing his eyes.

    I do not feel that leaving the fans satisfied is crass or cheap or a sellout. It is good story telling.

    Personally I was not hoping for a resolution that would tell me the whole story of Dharma at length, or an Epic 2.5 hour Egyptian origin tale à la “Ten Commandments”.

    I just wanted to understand the Rules that govern the island. Just better hints at how it works. Is dead really dead? How are people judged and expedited… Are there really ghosts or is every magical manifestion on the island attributable to MIB and Jacob. Or how about WHO WAS IN THE FRIGGIN CABIN and WHEN? Those two bastards are so bloody inconsistent in what they do and why… It is like they are insane out of control babies.

    There is no rhyme or reason to anything on that stupid island.

    I am left with the conclusion that the writers of the show are insane to think I would seriously buy their load of horse manure.

    And believe it or not, I really enjoyed the last 2.5 hours. There’s just SOMETHING MISSING.

    The people who are denying that there is something missing mystify me.

  4. let me say this i see people who like the ending ,posting things trying to exsplain to people what what means and why this or why that and this is the answer for this or that…. u like it that is fine cause we dont like the ending and season six in general does not mean we are stupid and cant figure it out. we do not need a walk through of lost we all have watched every episode ten times. some want more closure of their questions and did not get it and are not happy. some did not care for all the closure of questions. i did not want that i would have been happy as hell if they stuck to what they always did and made my brain rattle and sit there with my jaw dropped saying these guys are wicked evil cause now i have a 1000 more questions. season six in general was a waste. whatever questions that were addressed were lame and cheesy and it showed they had no clue. let me ask u this is there any more theories to write ? no there is not. cause the mystery was taking out of season six and turned into a soap opera

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