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Okay, there’s been lots of banter back and forth between those who think the show was great and those who think, in the end, it sucked. As I have posted many times since this whole thing ended, I’m on the side who thinks it sucked! I’ve read the arguments for saying it was a great show and certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion.

HOWEVER, in those opinions some have said that the answers we were given were either sufficient or just part of helping to build the mystery which helped to develop the characters. I’m sure you can imagine how I COMPETELY disagree with that as I too am entitled to my opinion. The problem I’m having with the other side of the group is the attitude that it was “okay” to not answer many of the questions we were teased with, questions that the writers, not us the audience, raised by the content and way they were written. Whatever your opinion may be of the show, you CANNOT deny that the writers made it SEEM as if those questions were important AND that there would be some forthcoming answers, which there weren’t. As a matter of fact there are several interviews done with the writers in which they said this was true!

So to the point and then I’m done, for good! To those who think the questions were answered sufficiently enough OR that the show wasn’t really about getting answers to those questions, that it was simply about the characters, I challenge you to watch the following video. It’s pretty short and is poking fun a bit at LOST, but makes a very valid piont: The show WAS about the mystery along with the characters and that answers needed/would be given by the writers.


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6 thoughts on “This Is It And I’m Done

  1. I saw that video a couple days ago, and your post is so true. I think it’s great that the Losties got to meet in the afterlife and move on together – that was beautiful – but why not answer the damn questions as well??? Why create all these mysteries, just to leave us all hanging in the end?

    Here are all the questions that I feel were left unanswered:

  2. Here’s another:

    Why did Ben have Sayid kill all of those people off the island? Who were the people he killed? What was the meaning behind all of that? Who was the “economist”? I mean, they spent an entire episode trailing Sayid’s bloody escapades. WTF?

  3. For 6 years we got only 2 answers:
    -… you are suppose to blah blah blah..
    -you are special…

    People who say they are satisfied by the show (i not talking about the final, the whole story) are the ones who can not accept that they were befooled by the writers. They said this show was about character development, come on, who believes that. I accept that we exposed to some epic-dramatic scenes during the show, but this was not the reason for us watching the show. At the link that you gave, there is a post which says:
    “If they knew they were not going to answer any of the questions about the island, why set the show on the freaky island in the first place? Why didn’t they just make a show about people who survived a plane crash? Why? Because nobody would have watched it!”
    I thought about that. As a reply to that kind of posts, writers would say this : “we exposed our character to unnatural-fantastic events and inspected the effects of this kind of stuff on character development.” However in most cases, our characters did not speak or discuss about this kind of stuff with each other. Most of the characters were unaware of the dangers of the island and they died on the island.
    So i totally agree appledouble. The problem is not the final episode, it is the final season, in which the writers must connected the events that happened in the previous seasons (i am not talking about giving all the answers). They just put mysterious events randomly in every episode, and grounded them on the final season (or even final episode). When the season 6 and final fell, the whole show fell.

  4. As i wrote in my last theorie “A Compromise”, i think they purposely didn’t answer these questions. it’s a bit like schroedinger’s cat.
    As long as you don’t look into the box, all answers are real. Giving an answer to a mystery, solves the mystery.

    Don’t get me wrong… i wanted some answers too, but in the longrun, this will make people watch this show again, and write theories.

    I also wanted the Ending much more epic. Like: there are thousands of islands each with a different ending.. or again something bigger than jacob and MIB. One Shot which turns this whole 6 years around, like the ending of season 1/2/3/5 …

    yeah well… in the end i have a whole story in my head, nearly every question answered (with some holes in it) … and it’s a good story… so i can let go…

  5. scarab, if you really have a whole story in your head and nearly every question answered for you, you rather have a few question about the whole story or you just interested about who loves who after all… and please share some of your answers with the people who seek them in the site.

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