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As you all know, Lost was all about the characters. I say that as I roll my eyes, because I think we all know deep down inside that this is just what the writers want you to think. HOWEVER, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for a few minutes and try to see their point of view.

Let’s pretend that the characters are really all that mattered on this show. Let’s pretend it was like Grey’s Anatomy without the layers of cheese and melodramatic dialog.

Allow me to remind you who was actually IN Lost. Raise your hand if you come across a character that you actually cared about in one way or another……

Jack – A very safety oriented guy. Arrogant at times. Liked to boss people around on occasion (without realizing it). Aside from a couple other people, he’s the only one worth trusting in this entire show.

Hurley – I’ll admit, if you don’t like Hurley, you are probably schizophrenic.

Kate – Can’t trust a word she says. No sense of humor. She’s more fickle than anyone you know. Don’t even pretend you care about her.

Sawyer – Can’t trust a word he says. If karma’s so important on the island, he would’ve died regardless of the rules back in season one. He’ll make you chuckle on occasion, but only after offending someone.

Jin – He meant well. Bland personality though. Reminds me of almost everyone else on the show

Locke – The only person I ever looked forward to hearing what was on his mind. He had a sixth sense that was in tuned with the island.

Rose – She had quite the attitude if I do say so myself. She didn’t really care about others, Just herself and her husband.

Charlie – Annoying as hell. Was a druggie. Sure, he wanted to help care for Aaron, but it was only cause he liked Claire. He lied a lot too.

Sun – Also untrustworthy

Ben – Extremely untrustworthy

Juliette – Extremely untrustworthy

Widmore – Extremely untrustworthy

Miles – asshole

Lapidus – smartass

Aside from Locke and Hurley, my hand would still be down. I would basically never trust anyone in this list, let alone CARE for them. How the hell was this show only about the characters? Who the hell LIKED it for the characters? Take away the mystery, and this show would’ve gotten cancelled immediately.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

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  1. well said matey, it was about the unknown mysteries for me and the thought that the writers had some awesome ending lined up, and that the writers were smart bastards. obviously not. I did like they finalie but feel really really let down.

  2. hahaha Chief crack me up man..
    For me, it was both the characters and the mystery. Just think, if the show was pure mystery and sci-fi all the way to the end, but the characters were all like Zoe, the geophysicist in Season 6.. the show also would have been cancelled too..

    But I share alot of your frustrations..I too wish the writers used all the sci-fi elements they developed throughout the story to developing a good finale..

  3. (Hand not raised)…

    Can a brother get an A-MEN?!

    I don’t know a single person that tuned in weekly like we all did for the characters. Not one. We all loved the charctaers for the mystery behind them, the seemingly odd coincidences that intertwined them and what the hell made them all so obviously F’d up. We didn’t fall in the love them….at all. I know I fell in love with the story-telling which was, for 5+ years, the best television has ever seen and maybe ever will.

    But now I know in my heart of hearts what Kames ‘Sawyer’ Ford was talking about when he said “that’s one long con, Doc” this past Sunday evening. It was us, the viewers, who got conned. We got set up for 5 long years. We got served mystery and theology and mythology and time travel…and it was awesome. And then we got the carpet pulled from underneath us with a sideways timeline that was really purgatory.

    I will always reiterate…I didn’t mind the finale, I really didn’t. I thought it was a fine ending for our fellow castaways. I just want the missing 6 episodes from season 6 that SHOULD HAVE given my inner man of science some level of satisfaction.

  4. “that’s one long con, Doc” hell yeah! If anyone watched Lost for characters, there are lots of other tv shows which contain much more deep and well-written characters..

  5. Don’t get me wrong. The way these characters were portrayed back in the first few seasons was genius. Some of the flashbacks really hit you hard. It was always nice seeing these people do good things when it mattered most. But that’s about it…..

    The way they interacted on the island drove me crazy at times. And yeah, I know we’re all flawed in ways. But these guys could put on a circus with all their crazy antics and distrust.

  6. I obviously cared about Locke. Hurleys a shoe in as well, as you point out.

    I also cared about Jack. In all honesty, as much as Locke was my favorite character, and most interesting on the island…Jack was the most interesting OFF the island.

    I loved when Christian was on there…the guys a great and under-appreciated actor on the show.

    I actually did like everything that was tied into Sawyers story. From the first time you saw him reading that letter, you HAD to know what he was about. Oddly enough…from an audiences perspective…I actually believed Sawyer more than almost anyone else on the show!

    Des was one of my favorite characters…I really liked him from early on…always thought he would be important…had no idea to what level. ANY scene with him in it, especially off island was very fun for me…you never knew what you were going to get.

    I cared about Richard, and Ab Aterno obviously pushed him to the front of race for people who many others cared about.

    Ben Linus was by far the most interesting character on the show. He admits to not being special in the last scene he is in…but there was something special about him…his want, need, and desire to be special.
    Remember in Devils Advocate when John Milton said he wanted to be one of those inconspicous guys that you “didnt see coming”…thats Ben Linus…you just NEVER know what he could do next.

    I have to admit that there were some who I really didnt care about…and obviously watched for the mystery as well…but overall I did FEEL for the people when something bad happened.

    When a character like Charlie dies…after you think he is going to die…then lives…several times…and finally dies in an effort to save everyone, you have to care about someone like that…I do at least.

    I really wouldnt have watched Lost just for the mystery. I can only get attached to shows, movies, books if I develope a relationship with at least one person in the story.

    John Locke was that person in this story, but the final season did quite well without him I thought…although with all that everyone said was missing…John Locke could be the reason why people felt empty at times throught the final season…the real John Locke was nowhere around.

    I dont care about most characters in anything…if they live, die, whatever…it takes something special to get me to pay attention…Lost did that, and its ultimately why I continued to watch…

    I say all that with the understanding that almost everyone here disagrees with me about the show at this point…almost wish I was disappointed so I had something more to talk about.

  7. I was exaggerating a bit here and there with some of these characters. I didn’t even mention Sayid or Claire, who were both actually normal people (aside from masochism and Australianism).

    I was just trying to make a point that it didn’t matter who died anymore. I think most everyone just stopped caring who was next to go. That’s a problem if the characters in your show are all you’re expecting your viewers to care about.

    There’s a huge difference between the first half of this series (entire show), and the second half. When we were still learning about everyone’s backstory, it was interesting. After time, it got a little stale. We started seeing that these people could still treat each other terribly. Everyone became kind of uninteresting and un-opinionated. There was Jack and his followers, and Locke and his followers. Everyone was just along for the ride. That might be when I stopped really caring, and shifted focus strictly to what the island and the time travelling was all about.

    This show was extremely heavy on morals. The reason any of us would feel for someone is because of what they did in a flashback. It’s the only way any of us were able to relate to these losties. That was a long time ago though. Maybe the effect just wore off, because again, I really didn’t care about the outcome of who lived and died in the show. At least in the last couple of seasons.

  8. Jack. As you stated previously, there was a lot going on with him and Christian at first. There was a lot of father/son tension. He seemed like a deep character. Jack just seemed like a solid leader. He seemed like someone that cared for everyone’s well being.

    Then season three happened. I’ve never been as frustrated throughout the show then when the others were trying to ask him simple questions, or just trying to get some cooperataion out of him. He played the most stubborn and ridiculous person on the show. For a smart guy that seemed to want the best for everyone, he sure didn’t help anyone out by behaving like a child to Juliette on Hydra island throughout what seemed like the first 10 episodes of that season.

    That alone doesn’t sound like a big deal, but from then on, I suppose I lost some respect for him. He really just kind of lost his sense of direction. From that time forward, I figured if something bad were to happen to him, he was basically asking for it.

    What about yourself? Any characters that you thought were once great, then began to hate?

  9. Locke started out so sure of himself and his purpose. He also was this big game hunter guy with all the knives and the expertise in tracking. He was wise and compassionate, but often did really bizarre stuff (like the thing with the orange in his mouth) that turned it around and made you think he was into something more.

    In flashback he was a whiny little nerd who worked in a box company and was afraid of his boss. The island seemed to be bringing all the best out of him. He was also bringing about change in the people around him, most especially in Jack Shepherd.

    Then he met Ben Linus who screwed with his head in a big way. He became a complete basket case. About the same time they introduced his dad in the flashbacks and his whole character took a turn to the pathetic.

    By the time “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” aired I was sick and tired of the character. I was not really sorry to see him go.

  10. -There were lots of conflict between characters and what they did. In season 5, Faraday went to others camp. That scene was very ridiculous. He went there with a gun in his hand and shoot and threaten people in order to talk Eloise. Faraday was one of the most clever characters in the show, but what was he thinking at this point? That was too dangerous to hold a gun in front of the other and was unnecessary. He would just go to the camp, make himself captured. When Others started to interrogate him, he would give his notebook (by that time, Jack or Kate had it,so before going to Others camp, he would just take it back) and say “Eloise should see just the first page”. When Eloise sees it .., the story could rationally continue.
    -At this scene, the other ridiculous thing is that : Why did Eloise shoot Faraday in a vital area? She just shot him in the leg or knee, or even she did not need to shoot him! Eloise was an other clever character, but writers made her do something ridiculous.
    You know why? First of all, Faraday did his job for the island by convincing Jack to explode the bomb so from this point, character development and interactions of Faraday was irrelevant. Secondly and the main reason, think about what would happen if Faraday would survive for the season 6. He worked on physics and etc. for his whole life, and during the show, we made believed that everything happening on the island is happening in the logical sense of the island and its rules. If he would see Jacob or the light in the cave or the lighthouse, what would he say? So he was suppose to die…
    So they are still staying that this show was about characters but when the story massed up in any point, the characters did stupid things, as the example i gave, which did not overlap to their personalities or characteristics.

  11. ben was the man. he basically carried that show from the time he gave himself up and was in the hatch. so much mystery and evil. he always had a plan. u never knew what he was gonna do

  12. Just wanted to jump in here as i’m still pondering the finale.
    I haven’t watched it a second time yet, but i both loved and hated what i saw.

    I think the whole ‘its about the characters’ deal makes sense, but is also a cop out.
    The earlier seasons had very strong character development. Seasons 5 and 6 Had almost no character development at all, we didn’t really learn anything new about the characters that we didn’t know in the first 4.
    The last two seasons were more concerned with time travel, dead Locke, returning to the island, the rules, the coming war, Jacob, the flash sideways etc etc right up until the finale, where we see the war is won by Jack kicking evil incarnate off a cliff and saving the world by sticking the rock back in the hole.
    Oh yeah, the whole show wasn’t for nothing because right at he end we see they all eventually happily go to heaven, and the other reality we’ve been banking on this season to explain some of the odd stuff turns out not to be real. Right.

    I think it was a little underhanded to introduce a huge mysterious element in the final season, a whole other reality that we were lead to believe would be of major importance, only for it not to be real. Why did Jack have a kid? Why was Sawyer a cop? Why was the island underwater and the plane didn’t crash? Why?
    Because the writers/producers wanted us to ask why? But the reason is they could’ve done whatever wierd s**t they wanted to do with it because hey, its not real anyway.

    I used to think it was a very clever show back when i thought everything would come together in an ‘of course’ moment, i still do, but i now think the show was just a load of ‘hey wouldn’t this be cool’ ideas that were thrown around in the writers room, without thought to how they can be explained. Sort of like a puzzle made from pieces of different puzzles that don’t quite fit together.

  13. Well, now regarding the Sideways Universe, before i knew it was Limbo, i always thought that the universe was created (perhaps by Jacob or something), and although i didn’t know what purpose it served originally, i did always believe that it was there to allow the Losties to redeem certain things.

    When I did find out it was Limbo, i still maintained this idea. It was made to give them a chance to redeem certain things that they couldn’t in life (this is in addition to the reason that they should find each other. I must admit, my inital reaction when they were all going to Heaven or whatever was “How gay…”, lol).

    Case in point: Ben Linus sacrifices his “power” to save his daughter, the only thing that really ever mattered to him (I think that scene with him and Ilana as he is running away was brilliant, and it kinda brought tears to my eyes).

    Another is Kate coming back to help someone (Claire) even when she was on the run. I think she always wanted to help. Locke was able to “let go” of his stubborn ambitions and be happy with Helen. Jack got to be the father Chrisitan never was to him, and also feel a little bit of what Locke must have felt in the real world with the whole Locke vs. Jack thing (“I wish you would have believed me.”).

    In fact, what I originally thought was that Sayid failed to redeem himself in SidewaysWorkd, and went back to his old murderous ways (and I don’t blame him, he was always one of my most fav characters), and then in the real world, he got overtaken by THE DARKNESS that f*ed him up. That theory was bollocked up, of course.

    It has already been suggested that Linus didn’t go with the others because he still had some redeeming to do, most likely waking up others, such as Alex, Russo, etc.

    Now this was not exactly the ending i was expecting. I was wondering how are they going to answer even SOME of the MANY questions they left hanging. It wasn’t the wow, bang, in-your-face ending that i expected to make me cream my pants (just an expression) that would make me reel for days. Which is probably why the first time i saw it, i wasn’t hit that hard. But i had been watching it with my friend, and we discussed it late into the night, and I was put to ease a little bit. I did love the characters, but that came later… what attracted me was the mysterty behind the characters, WHY they were brought together and all they WHYs in between. That was answered. It was all Jacob’s plan to kill MIB and bring some semblance of safety to the world. There were some elements of surprise. Hell, i never expected Hugo to become Jacob. And a beautifully filmed ending, with Jack in the bamboo field and the plane flying over, and Richard and Claire leaving the island, and Vincent lying down with Jack, and Jack’s eyes closing… ending right where it started. Very profound, and ultimately pleasing.

    Yet I feel quite bollocksed that the mysteries went to shyte. Walt (who came back to visit Locke at the end of Season 3), Aaron (who was apperently the chosen one to bring balance to the Force or something), and so on. I never thought the Sideways world would be Limbo, but like i said, i was comforted.

  14. I hear ya chaotixmm –

    I think maybe some of my frustration is wearing off. Aside from what the ending was lacking (which is a lot), I did really enjoy it, and I thought it ended well.

    I couldn’t contain myself when I heard that the writers threw a “It’s all about the characters” into the mix. Because Lost was obviously SO much deeper than that. Yeah, I really would clash with most of these characters, but like you state, the mystery behind them all was VERY interesting, and it did help captivate the audience.

    So in a way, I suppose the characters had a huge deal to do with people’s intrigue in the show. I mean, it wasn’t ALL about the island of course…..

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