Humans, Animals and The Unborn

I believe every person and every animal we ever saw on LOST since the first minute it aired were DEAD. Jack was dead when he woke up in the bamboo. Everyone on the beach was dead. Dharma people, the others, were all dead. Jacob and MIB were the unborn dead. Mother was dead.  Claudia was dead. Aaron was never born.  Penny, Eloise, Widmore, Juliet, Ben – they all died before or after the plane crash, doesn’t matter when.  They are dead.  Everyone is dead. 

This explains polar bears, horses, ancient dinosaur birds, they were all dead.  It explains time travel, the light, the whispers.  The island was an afterlife manifestation created by Mother who would not believe she was dead and refused to go into the light.  She passed on her crazy thinking to Jacob, who also did not know he was dead.  He made up the rules because his existence allowed him to.  He did NOT call the candidates to the island.  They showed up in his realm of the dead as they died.

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