Why was the Man in Black “evil”?

I don’t think that they ever really explain this. Before he became a smoke monster, he just wanted to leave that damn island, but his Mother wouldn’t let him. She buries his wheel that’s supposed to get him off the island and kills his people, so MIB kills her (she was a crazy b*tch and deserved it!). Then Jacob kills MIB for killing their crazy mother, and MIB turns into a smoke monster when he floats into the cave.

This does not explain at all why he’s considered to be “evil”. Why wouldn’t his fake mom just let him leave the island? And what exactly is supposed to happen to the world if he leaves in his current form as the smoke monster?

It seams to me that Jacob and his fake mother were just insane, and MIB was the sane one who just wanted to get the hell off the damn island as far away from his crazy family as he could get.
And this makes him evil?

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7 thoughts on “Why was the Man in Black “evil”?

  1. We are assuming that MIB was only evil because he was the smoke monster. The truth is that the world knows plenty of monsters that are just as human as you and I. History can show that frequently these monsters seem as unassuming and harmless, but are capable of great evil. Perhaps we never learned his name because it was irrelevant and all that was important was that he would have caused great harm to the world. In my opinion his name was brother, because to mother only Jacob need and identity. I furthermore think that mother knew that MIB was evil from the beginning and that’s the true reason she wanted to keep him on the island

  2. Because he disobeyed his ‘mother’?

    I don’t know that *he* was evil, but that his *by any means necessary to get off the island* attitude would include destroying the known universe.

    In other words, he wasn’t the devil, he just had a ‘devil may care’ attitude about getting off the island … after his mom offed all his people, of course. Up until then, he lived quite peaceably and in harmony … as shown by his relationshipe with Jacob he ‘played well with others’.

    But, after whatever happened to his people happened, he felt trapped. What he wanted wasn’t evil, the means he would use to achieve it was, yet he felt it justified.

    And, THAT IS kinda’ evil.

  3. He was evil because he was willing to go to the other side of the island and work with the people who he admits were evil and manipulative.

    He is evil because he helps these people harness the energy of the island with the wheel, in what is a selfish act to attempt to leave.

    He is evil because he knows that the people want to use the power, and that his mother told him that it is important and can be extinguished…guess what…Mom was right.

    MIB is evil later as he kills his mother, in revenge of his people who she killed, and is trapped on the island…not because he is the monster…but because his body was thrown into the well.

    MIBs body died. His sould was trapped on the island, just like Michael and the other whispers…the only difference was, he is able to materialize through the black smoke.

    Now, he is trying to break the laws of god/ the universe, by trying to leave “hell”…

    By taking the form of John Locke, he was able to kill jacob, and become a physical entity again, and because of this…he was able to leave…except Jack Shephard didnt want that to happen…and he was able to kill him because of his newfound ALL physical form.

  4. Well, Mother had no real reason for not letting him go, unless(and this is my belief)
    she initially brought Jacob(/Claudia/Nemesis)
    to the Island from the beginning with the intent of him becoming the new Protector – either because it was necessary, or simply because she was “done/finished” as in “had enough” and finally snapped after years of isolation on the Island
    (Her last words to Nemesis “Thank you..” I believe mirrors this)

    As Nemesis was(like Desmond) an “anomoly/Wildcard/variable” that’s why Mother favoured him. She brought Jacob to the Island, but neither she nor Claudia
    was aware of there being twins – only Jacob was “exptected” and therefore
    Nemesis was “Special”(then again nowadays who isn’t special on Lost..?)
    and why she was so adamant for him to leave – not just because she loved him like a son, but also because he was the one she wanted to take her place.

    That doesn’t happen however – we all “know” what happened.
    Now, I get your point exactly and that’s another reason I felt cheated.
    We were truly lead to believe that this really was “Evil Incarnate” but in my opinion nothing we’ve been shown has made him appear Evil at all – and certainly not the epidimy of “Evil Incarnate”.

    In the end – he was resposible for a lot of deaths – some direct – others “collateral” but then again Jacob has done the same(actually tried to kill his own brother – though “unsuccessfully” I will assert to my own death that Jacob was solely responsible for Nadias’)
    and he put many, many, many people through Hell(seemingly in the end – for no reason at was about BRINGING them to the Island – why he couldn’t be more “helpful”
    once they arrived is beyond me..)

    No, Nemesis was in fact(in my opinion at least – for some time)quite likeable even – for long I wasn’t even convinced that he was the bad guy and that Jacob the good guy.
    As a human he seemed kind and intelligent,
    while Jacob was blind, jealous of his brother and angry.

    And in the end – for what we’ve been shown – all he really wanted was to go home – and I believe he actually wouldn’t hurt anyone in the process if they didn’t stand in his way.

    The “ENd of the World” that we’ve heard so much about is just plain silly to me..
    The only thing we know “for sure” is that Nemesis weren’t allowed to leave the Island because it would be “bad”

    That’s all we get and we have no real idea what it means..

    Something I’m curious about is – what was most important – for Nemesis not to leave – or the Light not going out..?

    Because if we are to believe Widmore(HA!)
    and Jack then Desmond was brought back as a “failsafe”

    This actually included destroying the Island and everyone/thing on it

    I don’t believe Jacob had everything planned – because then he’s actually dumber than I thought – for in the end it came down to “pulling the plug” and putting it back in place – “reset’ing” the Island makes Nemesis human once again..
    and if Jacob indeed knew this – then he should have Told someone or simply done it earlier to avoid all….stuff.. But he didn’t, so I don’t think Jacob had a clear plan – which makes me think Nemesis not leaving was more important than the Light not going out… You Can’t have the cake AND eat it – Jacob – if he had any idea what to do with Desmond – then he was willing to sacrifice the Island/Light so his brother wouldn’t leave.)

    I believe in the end Jacob have “killed” more people than Nemesis(who doesn’t really seem to unless he has to)have –
    and what about his trustworty Ilana..?
    Once she brought the Losties together . BANG! “the Island was done with her” even though she was lead to believe her task was to protect them.

    No, Jacob is responsible for a lot
    of shit – and if his “I want you to choose”BS involves keeping everyone involved for as long as possible(resulting in a complete cluster-F!)because he dosn’t want to get involved(that is unless he has to – to fit next weeks storyline, of course…..)then he is really acting asif the World and all makind is his toy.

    He knows that “Evil incarnate” is leading people in Jacobs own name – THEY ARE CHOOSING TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS – because they really believe they are..Benjamin(to certain degree)Locke, Richard, most people.. Jacob is allowing them to die in his name needlessly..

    If Nemesis’ leaving is really a bad thing or not – we’ll never know – could just as well have been insane “Mother” appearing to Jacob after he becomes special and feeding him more BS..

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