To those of you who were unhappy with the end of LOST I offer this advice. REMEMBER why you fell in love with this show in the first place and then…LET GO…

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I love LOST....I love lamp...I love chair...but seriously, I think the reason I enjoy this shows, on OH so many levels, is because it is one of the few shows on tv that reallys make you think. There aren't too many shows like that left on tv anymore and sadly we will soon lose another. I'm a philosophically-minded person by nature, always questioning the why's and how's of any given situation. I love the idea of a good paradox and the irony of destiny. I also adore comics books. Can't get enough of them. Since I was 11 they have been my drug of choice. I love overdoesing on old issues of Frank Miller's Dark Knight or Bendis's Ultimate Spiderman. Did I mention Star Wars? I can't say enough how much I love that galaxy far far away. Fanboy says it best. Yes folks, I am a nerd to the nth degree, a dweeb of Chewbaccian proportions...AND I LOVE CHAIR!!!...I mean LOST...

14 thoughts on “LET GO

  1. Don’t ever tell someone to “let go”.

    I know it’s just a show and it’s really not a big deal when it’s all said and done. But I (as well as many others) are still in a bit of shock that we all spent so much time trying to figure this thing out, when none of it appeared to matter at all.

  2. If only the writers/producers said that it wasn’t going to be about the mystery since the very beginning, nobody would be upset about the ending.
    But no, they just kept introducing new (interesting) mysteries.
    I just watched the finale again and now i’m not that upset anymore. But i still would love some answers. Not from theories or assumptions. From the writers.

  3. -People are not unhappy about the ending. People are unhappy because what they watched are pointless and conned about “getting the answers”.
    -Let me give you an example. Lets say you have a very beautiful girl friend. Everything is going allright but afterawhile you start to have a feeling that something is wrong. But you say, “no problem i am happy with her now..”. One day you catch your girlfriend with some other guy in the bed.
    -If something happens like that to you Ryan,just “REMEMBER why you fell in love with” her “in the first place and then…LET GO…” …

  4. LMAO – Oh man! You’re ruthless zaurakh!

    I’m not sure Lost means as much to me as my girlfriend, but I do see your comparison, and it actually makes sense.

    Sorry Ryan, I guess you just had to invest a lot of time into the show to see where some people are coming from.

  5. Yea we did theorize a lot about shit that didnt matter.

    I think part of the fun of theorizing was to try and figure it out, *and when the answers were provided you could see if you were right or atleast close*

    Without any closure, it was all for nothing.

    IMO anyone who says it was amazing, characters, bla bla bla it too afriad to admit they have been conned by the writers. Or you just like the characters and in that case, go watch 90210 – THIS WAS A MYSTERY SCI FI SHOW WITH NO ANSWERS.


  6. My point is that there are lots of writers, story-tellers who can not get that much attention, but writers of Lost got that by lying to us. They earned money by this way. This is marketing, they sold their story. Let me give you an other example.
    We watch trailers of movies. We like some of them and see that movie in the theater. If i like the movie, i say to myself, the money that i paid to watch for this film is well-earned, they deserved it, feel pleased and i want to see their next movie. Sometimes, i don’t like the movie, i think as they wasted my time by marketing their crappy movie.
    In this kind of situation, my unhappiness arise from my unsatisfaction. But my ANGER arise from the unfairness, unrighteousness that is done to the other writers who made a good movie or wrote a good story.
    My unhappiness or anger is not important of course. The important thing is that nowadays writers are not trying to write good stories, they only try to get money from advertisements.

  7. I have to say I felt cheated at first. I thought the last episode was terrible and part of me wanted to punch Darlton in the throat, but I took a breather and then re-watched it, and even though I wish we had gotten more answers and things were more concrete, I’ve come around. The episode was beautiful and watching Jack at the end was amazing – Matthew Fox was brilliant, and it really did come full circle. And the mystery hasn’t been dried up. We’re free to watch it all again and try to figure things out for ourselves and let our imaginations run wild. I’m not saying that I didn’t find season 6 a little less fantastic than the other seasons, it did get super boring for me at times, there are a ton of plot holes, and barely any answers, but I think the end was very fitting. I still love the show.

  8. I think we were cheated though…while we all would have loved the answers to why the food drops were coming, and small stuff like that, I think we all at least expected more about the origin of the Island and such. The most we really got was Hurley and Ben liked running the Island…wow. I’m with Chiefof16 on this, it was like “oh yeah, the island wasn’t a big deal”

  9. I don’t think the people still “in denial” unserstand my the reat of us are so unhappy..
    We hear/read stuff like – “Don’t you get the edning – this is what happened…”

    I don’t think any hardcore fan(which I concider any member here to be)
    is really pleased with the End – not really..
    Me personally – it’s not that I didn’t like the final revelation/the FSW/Purgatory –
    it’s more that we feel it was time wasted from the season/series…

    Tell me truthfully – how much of the FSW mattered..? Nothing…Not a single event of the FSW mattered even in the slightest way – they were all already dead – and those who didn’t awaken then(like Ana-Lucia)would awaken for some reaon some time later…

    So the FSW didn’t matter at all..
    And so – people are saying – the asnwers are out there – you just have to figure them out..

    Now, if I’m gonna stretch it as far as saying they had a plan(initially) for every mystery on the Island – what heppened then was that – times move on….
    Lost moved on… And the Mysteries that once(perhaps) had a “logical” answer – is now intangled in the rest of the Island’s “web”…

    What most are missing is that – we CAN’T figure out the “End” It’s not that neither one of us is smart enough to figure it out – it’s just that – we CAN’T…

    As the story/Island went on – the once would-have-been-answers did as well..

    In the End – there are no “Truths” because the writers never bothered to “sticht” things together….

    There are NO answers because not even the Writers knew where the Island/Story was headed.. And when they did – they didn’t care about what had come before(because, with all the mysteries around the Island – who would notice/care)

    And that’s why the rest of us are mad- because we were lead to believe that the story/Island mattered(turns out the characters – and they only is what Lost was about……..right..) in the end – which it didn’t…

    I’m chocked people are still trying to “peice things together…” there is no TOGETHER – that’s why the entire story is filled with holes that would make the Ozonlayer shake with fear….

    You can’t peice something together that doesn’t belong together – like the Island…

  10. @Angivel,
    you crack me up man..I share with alot of your frustrations, I too wish the writers would have brought things together for us in the Finale..I still think it’s worth trying to piece things together, especially pre-Season Six..

  11. HAHAHA! Zaurakh that is one hell of a comparison!!

    Im gonna have to agree with the majority here.

    First time i watched the ending i HATED it.. Now, i love it.. Only because i spent my whole week thinking about it.. BUT!.. Everything that happened on/off the island seems COMPLETELY pointless! I whole-heartedly believed that everything we saw happened for a reason.. but it didnt.. it happened and that was that.. they lived on and finally died (of natural causes (in kate and sawyers case) ) .. I mean really.. I expected something a lot more …. meaningful i guess ..

    The whole unanswered questions business doesnt bother me at all because i can answer them as i would have liked them to have been aswered but .. I dont know, the ending did give us closure but in the wrong way.. Its not the kind of end that you would have expected to have been planned for years.. THAT is my disappointment.

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