Island Babies ever after …

No one can give birth on the island.

Jin/Sun there – not Ji Yeon.
Desmond/Penny there – not little Charlie (and Penny makes no sense)
Christian leaves before the party begins.

Could it be you AND your kids can’t be in happily-ever-after, so if you’re stuck on the island you can’t have kids (and instead of making the men infertile, the malevolent, misogynistic island made the extra fertile and just killed the women who didn’t use enough Dharma condoms.)

Unless, of course, your mom is totally crazy and killed you and left you rotting in some unsafe cradle as soon as she got off the island so you had no other options for a ‘happily ever after’ except the one with your two moms. (And, I think Aaron was looking over with pleading eyes towards Kate.)

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